Operation Spread Joy

With everything going on in the world right now, it is extra important to make sure you are spreading joy. Staying connected with friends, and staying in a positive mindset. I have been donating to local food banks, checking on elderly neighbors. Taking as many of my fellow colleague’s online classes as I can. I really feel grateful for my steady job.  It’s also so important to me to support small business owners and yoga teachers as much as I can.

I also recently heard about Operation Spread Joy, and love this company so much. Operation Spread joy is giving away free thank you cards right now. You can send one now to someone in service on the front lines. A friend you can’t see in person, or anyone you know who could use a huge THANK YOU.

What is Operation Spread Joy?

For the last few years, a happy couple has been studying the science behind what makes humans happy. They learned, primarily through the book “The How of Happiness” that gratitude is a “metastrategy for achieving happiness.” This means that if you increase your readiness to show appreciation and thankfulness, you will actually become happier.

I always love teaching gratitude to my boys in any way I can. We practice gratitude by saying thank you, by giving kisses and sharing toys with one another. We repeat a gratitude mantra when we meditate and we keep gratitude journals.

The couple discovered in their research that by doing more things to show gratitude it not only results in people being happier; but also people being more energetic, more hopeful, less depressed, less anxious, less lonely and less envious.

I myself couldn’t agree more, this is exactly what so many people need right now.

The couple founded Operation Spread Joy, and they are currently giving away free thank you cards to anybody who wants them.

That’s it, it’s that simple. All they are asking in return is that you write a thank you note to friends, family members, nurses, doctors, first responders, etc.


All you do is click on the website link, choose what card design you want, click yes or no to needing stamps, fill out your shipping information and click send my cards. It is that simple, free, and easy!


They have so many cute designs but these two are my favorites. I am sending one to my dad who is an ear, nose and throat doctor in Idaho; and I am also sending one to Timothy’s first-grade school teacher who is working so hard to keep the kids engaged in their school work through remote learning.


Both the receiver and giver of the thank you note will be happier, and it could start a chain reaction and literally affect thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people. The various outcomes from each card could be immense, inspiring, motivating and beautiful.

So, if you, have been wondering what you can do to help during these crazy times, to ease stress, help your anxiety or just pass time, join the Operation Spread Joy movement.

So, friends, I am sharing this amazing cause with you in hopes that you will check it out, share with your friends and family and invite people to take part in this free, easy way to increase happiness all over the United States.

Check out Operation Spread Joy here: http://osj.oaklyncards.com/operation-spread-joy

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