One of The Tastiest Gluten Free Bars I’ve Found!

I personally am not gluten free. I thoroughly love whole wheat pasta, thin crust pizza, sandwiches made with good bread and a bowl of cereal with nuts and berries. I also love naturally gluten free foods, like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, all proteins, vegetables and fruits. Ironically, so many people are going gluten free these days; and many of the gluten free substitute products aren’t any healthier than the original ones. Many breads, crackers, pastas and cereals are lower in fiber and often contain added fillers.

Cranberry Almond For those who actually do suffer from celiac disease or have severe gluten intolerance, though; it is necessary for them to remove gluten products from their diet. Gluten free products are popping up everywhere now and I’ve heard mixed reviews about them from my friends and clients who are gluten free. One gluten free item that has passed the taste and health test, is the Gluten Free Bar.

marshall_elliott_gfb The Gluten Free Bar was created by two brothers, Marshall and Elliot, who do suffer from gluten intolerance. They set out on a mission to make the world’s best tasting, high protein gluten free bar. I personally tried all 4 of the delicious flavors and they are very tasty. The bar comes in four flavors, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate, cranberry almond and oatmeal raisin. All of them are 240 calories or less, contain 11-13 grams of protein, are fairly low in sugar (except the oatmeal raisin) and are low in sodium with a decent amount of fiber. My personal favorite is the cranberry almond.

logo3_celiacsweater May is celiac awareness month and The Gluten Free Bar is holding a fundraiser involving a special sweater. You can find out more details here. To check out The Gluten Free Bar or order a sample pack of the delicious flavors, visit


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