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Now that I’ve nursed three boys: my toddler, Timothy, up until he was over 2 years old, and now my twin boys, Robert and William; I’ve learned a few things about what a nursing mom needs. Breastfeeding my babies has been such a bonding experience, I truly love it. I know not all moms have an easy time breastfeeding; and it’s perfectly ok if you end up bottle feeding your little one. But for those mamas who are bringing out their boobs daily, here are some essentials I have found that make it so much easier and more fun!

Bravado nursing bras: A good nursing bra is a must. I really love Bravado nursing bras and tanks, they are supportive and comfy and the latch is easy to use. They come in a variety of cute colors and styles and I often wear the ballet nursing bra to bed. I’m also super partial to the body silk seamless yoga bra, it’s perfect for me to teach and do yoga in.

Loyal Hana tops and dresses: I’m obsessed with Loyal Hana tops and dresses, seriously these are the best. Loyal Hana is super practical while being super stylish. There are zippers on each side of the top or dress which is awesome so you can switch sides; or if you’re a twin mom like me, you can nurse both babies at once. The brand is affordable and the pieces are timeless. They can be worn when you’re done nursing just as regular cute clothes. No one ever knows they are made for nursing. Use McGee25 for 25% off.

Hospital grade breast pump: Most likely if you’re nursing, you are also pumping. Pumping can help increase your supply and it’s also nice to store breast milk for your baby. I think it’s important to make it efficient and especially now that I have an older child who wants to play when the twins are asleep. I rent a Medela hospital grade pump for $50 a month and it’s so worth it.

Nursing pillow: With Timothy I had a boppy which I loved and used it not only for nursing but also for him to sit in or prop himself up on during tummy time. With the twins I got the my breast friend pillow which is a bit bigger and could support two at once. A pillow makes it more comfy for mom and also allows for less strain on the neck and shoulders.

Nursing cover up: If you are out and about and need to nurse in public, you can get some good cover ups or throws so you can be more discreet. I often have an aden + anais blankie on me since it can work as a swaddle, light weight blankie or nursing cover. I also like elderflower and delilah FEED 3 in 1 top, it’s amazing!

Nursing tea: If you feel like you might need an extra boost to your supply, you can invest in nursing tea. I love Traditional Medicinals as well as geobana breastfeeding support tea. There’s something very soothing about sipping a cup of tea mid-day and I think it helps release stress. Also, the teas are made with certain herbs which have been shown to help increase milk production.

Water: As a new and nursing mom, you cannot drink enough water. Keep a bottle on you at all times!!!

Oatmeal: I definitely think there is something to be said about oats and milk production. I make overnight oats now every night, check out my recipe on You can download the app and get my fav nutrition and workouts. Oatmeal/oatmeal cookies, flax and brewers yeast are all good for increasing milk supply. You can add the flax and/or brewers yeast to your oatmeal or cookies for an extra boost. You can also buy pre-made lactation cookies such as The Bent Elbow and whip up a batch easily. I love them!

I would love to hear if you have any must haves as a nursing mom, leave me a message in the comments below or on instagram!

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