November is World Vegan Month–Here’s some Vegan Snacks to try wether you’re Vegan or not!

November is World Vegan Month–Here’s some Vegan Snacks to try wether you’re Vegan or not!

To celebrate World Vegan Month I’ve made a list of some Vegan snacks to try. Wether you are a Vegan or not, you can definitely benefit from incorporating some Vegan principles. Vegans eliminate all dairy, animal products and eggs and eat a vegetarian diet centered around veggies, fruits, grains, beans, legumes and nuts. We can all benefit from adding more veggies and healthy sources of plant based proteins and fats. I personally am not a Vegan; but there are many Vegan products that I love.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Svelte–I just have to rave about this drink again. These organic soy based vegan nutritional shakes are just delicious. They are easy to travel with, all of the flavors are great, and the mantras make me so happy! Full of fiber and protein, Svelte is the perfect non-dairy alternative for Vegans for breakfast, snacks, meal replacements (combined with some nuts and fruit) or dessert.

Chia Seeds–these little guys are awesome! If you have yet to try chia seeds, you really must. My favorite brand is Barlean’s organic chia seeds. You can add these to oatmeal, protein shakes, make puddings with them or just eat a handful of them as a snack. They expand with water to help you feel full and hydrated, as well as give you a healthy dose of omega 3’s. Pour some vanilla almond milk over a bowl of chia seeds (or even a Svelte vanilla or spice chai drink) and let sit overnight then add berries for a Vegan Chia Breakfast of Champions!

MyVega–I recently had the opportunity to meet Brendan Brazier, a professional Ironman Triathlete and Vegan. He created a line of Vegan products, MyVega, made with the highest quality plant based ingredients and essential fatty acids. I personally love the vibrancy bars; but all of the products are delicious and super nutritious for everyone. I am truly inspired by Brendan’s story and his dedication to high quality performance nutrition.


Let me know if you follow any particular Vegetarian or Vegan diet, and how you plan on celebrating World Vegan Month. Good snack ideas and recipes are aways welcome too!

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