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BE WARM BE FIT–that’s my kind of saying! I’m the girl who is always standing in front of the heater, or finding the warmest spot in the room to practice yoga in. I love to wear layers and stay heated; but it can be frustrating when the long top creeps up at the waist or the zip up has a hoodie and it keeps falling in my face. I remember a few weeks ago when Tim and I went on a bike ride in Central Park with Timothy in a bike seat on my bike all bundled up being envious of my husband’s arm warmers. He mentioned how cyclists wear them so once they warm up they can easily slip them off. Then I came across nicepipes and wow what a perfect invention for yogis!
The arm warmers are a no brainer since it’s nice to have the sleeves and to be able to remove them without missing a beat during a flow practice. Slip each one off in down dog while standing on one arm and you won’t need to drop to the floor in child’s pose to take a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt off. They are also small and easy to lay discreetly by the side of the mat. The leggings are beyond perfect since so many yoga pants are crop and the nice pipes just make it a less expensive way to wear all of your yoga pants all year long. It’s fun to mix up the bright colors with plain black pants and to also have the option to remove them if you work up a sweat in class. And if you’re like me and run super cold usually, you can layer them over a long pair of straight black leggings as well.
The founder, Lisa, is truly remarkable and innovative as well as just down to earth, fun, funny and detail oriented. I can tell that she put a lot of pride and passion in to her creation of nicepipes and I love to support a small business woman owned company. If you want to score a set of nicepipes arm and leg warmers as well as an adorable tank, make sure to follow all of nicepipes social channels. Let me know in the comments below and on both of our social channels why you want to win a set and how you would use them. I will announce a winner in a couple of days.
The retail value of a tank, legs & sleeves set is $115.
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8 thoughts on “nicepipes Giveaway!”

  • I would love to win these so that I am secure when I workout that I’m not giving the neighbor behind me a good show. These pants look durable and well made.

  • These are great. I get cold in yoga classes but also believe in minimalism when it comes to what I own. I love your multifunctional profucts. Amazing!

  • I am a NJ CrossFitter and yogi. My CrossFit does not have heat!! Once we get moving it’s layer after layer coming off. I’d love to to have a pair of leg warmers that aren’t thick chunky wool/cotton….ones that you can actually move in! Nicepipes looks like the perfect fit!!

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