My Newest Collaboration PRENATAL YOGA SCULPT DVD!

Erica Ziel is a tour de force in the field of pre and postnatal fitness. She and I first met via social media, and really hit it off! We have so much in common in our outlook towards working out; and we really want to inspire moms to stay active throughout their pregnancy and life! We also believe in exercising safely and effectively. We decided to pair our strengths up and shoot an awesome prenatal DVD while I was expecting my twins. We realized I could bring in all of my yoga expertise, Erica could do her sculpting core workouts, and we could offer moms an incredible set of workouts in one DVD.

We just launched the digital version and from now until February 28th you can get $10 off!

Here is some more info about this MUST HAVE workout for MOMS:

*Prenatal Yoga Sculpt is designed for the active mom-to-be with a huge emphasis on teaching proper deep core strength with safe and very effective exercises for pregnancy {and beyond}!

*You’ll learn how to optimize every movement with the bonus Core Tutorial, helping you connect with your deep core muscles – a powerful skill to have during pregnancy and after baby!

*All with safe core exercises to help prevent/minimize diastasis recti.

Prenatal Yoga Sculpt includes:

Sculpting Workout {10 min.}
Fit Yoga Workout {10 min.}
Pilates-Infused Workout {25 min.}
Yoga Flow {20 min.}
Core Tutorial {3 min.}

(equipment needed: a chair, light 2-3 lb. dumbbells}


  • Kristin McGee’s 15-minute chair yoga workout
  • Why you need to avoid coning of your belly
  • Skip the crunches
  • To Plank or Not to Plank?

I really hope you’ll check this out if you’re an expecting mom or a new mom. Click here to buy the digital version and soon I will have the link to both the DVD and digital version in my store as well!

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