New Pilates Classes!

I love Pilates! Pilates is a form of exercise that is low impact and easy on the joints. It focuses mostly on core stability and spinal alignment – it’s a great workout for any and all fitness levels. The best part about pilates is there is no equipment required. A mat and resistance bands or weights can be helpful additions, but they aren’t necessary, which means I can bang one of these workouts out anytime, anywhere. 

When Peloton decided to introduce pilates, I couldn’t have been more excited. I have been teaching yoga and Pilates for over 20 years. Pilates and yoga is the perfect combination along with cardio! I love to do a Pilates class and then take a run.

I have FOUR no equipment required (mat suggested) classes available through the Peloton App

BONUS: If you sign up for the app right now, you receive two months free! 

Checkout my classes:

15 Minute Class

This short class only has a 5.9 difficulty rating, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants just a small taste of what pilates is all about. We really get some awesome core work in an effective 15 minutes Pilates class. It leaves you feeling capable and strong. Sometimes when I’m running low on time I like to squeeze this workout in at home!

20 Minute Class

Only 20 minutes long, this class is labeled for beginners. I focus on the fundamentals of pilates, the key moves that most classes build upon. I love revisiting the six core principles: breath, concentration, control, centering, precision and flow even after all of these years of practicing and teaching. Pilates is so focused and you really want to make sure you’re working from the right place. This is the perfect class for beginners as well as new moms or someone who wants to get in to those deep core muscles to support their back or begin to heal diastasis recti. 

30 Minute Class

This class is filled with fun music by Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam, and the Dave Mathews band. It’s labeled as advanced, with a 7.9 difficulty rating – my most challenging class. I put you to work with a focus on improving strength and stamina through advanced movement! I love how it flows from one move to the next, much like my yoga classes. The advanced class isn’t just advanced moves but also about transitioning with fluidity and flow from one exercise to the next. 

45 Minute Class

This is an ideal class to take when you have time to really get your heart rate up. With a 99% positive rating, I can promise that this class will leave you feeling great! It may be labeled at an intermediate level; but you’ll definitely feel the burn while working the entire body. I also give a ton of modifications throughout so you can take this longer class as you build up strength in your Pilates practice. I love the side lying leg work especially in this class.

Pilates has always been one of my go to forms of exercise and movement. I love that I can get my heart rate up with short sequences and little equipment. With the boys always on the move, it’s important to me that I can safely workout near them and get the most bang for my buck. Pilates is the perfect combo of strength training and cardio for me. It also feels like the most fun way to work the core! 

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  • Kristin – I’ve tried it all – swimming, Cross Fit, boxing, spinning – and now at 40 yrs old, I’m in the best shape of my life bc of your Pilates classes. Xo

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