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Do you find it difficult to stay on top of all the things you need to do to stay healthy? Log 8 hours of sleep a night, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, eat 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables, take your vitamins, etc.! It can seem overwhelming; but it can also be super simple if you have the right tools. Take baby steps and try one thing a day to lead you on your way to ultimate health. Here’s an example of how easy it can be to live a healthy day:

downward-dog Do a downward dog first thing in the morning, it will get your blood flowing, stimulate your brain, give your metabolism a little boost and open up stiff muscles after sleeping. Take a Nature Made zinc VitaMelt as you brew your tea or coffee. It’s honey lemon flavor will perk up your senses and zinc helps your immune system stay strong. Throw some veggies in your egg white omelet and serve with a side of blueberries and you’ve already had two servings of your recommended fruits and vegetables. Suck on a Nature Made VitaMelt Vitamin C after breakfast and as you do your hair, make-up or get dressed.

Vitamin D VitaMelt If you can walk to work or get a brisk walk on your way to your car or subway, you’ll feel energized and excited to take on the day. You’ll also get a natural dose of Vitamin D; but you can also keep some Nature Made Vitamin D VitaMelt’s in your glove compartment or purse so you can take one on your morning commute. If you have a greek yogurt with a piece of fruit for a mid morning snack along with it, the D will help you absorb the calcium from the dairy in the yogurt. Or have a smoothie made with low-fat milk, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter, ice and a banana. Another serving of fruit and you’ve already taken 3 of your essential vitamins for the day!

NM 2878 L300 VitaMelts Vit B12 When the 1030 or 11am mid morning slump hits you, make sure to pop a B-12 VitaMelt. B-12 helps support your cellular energy production and converts your food into energy, AND the mixed-berry is delicious! Have a large glass of ice cold water as well and stand up and stretch or walk around your office. Keep the B-12 and the C at your desk or in your purse and have another C as well if you feel you could use one.

salad with beans Serve up a big green salad with salmon or chicken or beans with a cup of green tea and a side of quinoa, brown rice or a piece of multigrain toast or a handful of flax crackers. Make sure to use a bit of olive oil on your greens to absorb the nutrients and also have another Vitamin C VitaMelt. Vitamin C helps you absorb the iron from the greens. Take  a brisk walk after lunch or keep a set of therabands or hand weights at your desk (if you’re at home pop in a workout DVD or meet a friend for a class) to get in some exercise.

VitaMelts Vit C Mid afternoon pop another B-12 VitaMelt and have a crisp, juicy apple or pear with a piece of string cheese or a hand ful of raw almonds. Make sure to keep your blood sugar level throughout the day. An apple will perk you up much better than a cup of coffee and not keep you up later. Have another large cold glass of water and a VitaMelt Vitamin C.

VitaMelts L-Theanine When you get home from your day, put on some comfy shoes and turn on some tunes to make the transition nice for you when you get home. Leave work behind and really give yourself a moment to relax. Have some Theanine VitaMelts to help you unwind as you make your dinner or read your mail. Have a shrimp or tofu stir fry with lots of veggies and some brown rice or a turkey burger with a yam and some steamed broccoli or a bowl of quinoa with tempeh, lentils, avocado and a side salad with oil and vinegar or lemon juice.

VitaMelts Zinc Dance around your living room after dinner or do some yoga stretches and abs while watching your favorite show on TV. Have a bowl of real ice cream or a greek yogurt and berries for dessert and pop another VitaMelt Vitamin D to help with the calcium absorption. Suck on a VitaMelt Zinc to support your immune system health. Unplug from your computer and take a bath or read in bed so you can fall asleep and sleep soundly. Bright light from the computer and television lower our levels of melatonin. If you have to do work, have a VitaMelt Melatonin a half hour before bed to help you fall asleep and get a good night’s rest.

Goddess pose Superior health can be made simple! Taking daily vitamins can be a chore and VitaMelts Vitamins from Nature Made help ease this task, and make it more enjoyable. They’re high-quality, delicious, easy to use  and no water is needed. Getting your daily dose of exercise isn’t that tough either, when you spread it throughout your day. Eating healthy feels good and helps you be more active and productive at work and at home. Sleep is crucial and if you are having a hard time getting a full 7 to 8 hours a night, try and hit the hay 15 minutes earlier each night incrementally until you can make sure you have a full night’s rest. Also try Goddess Pose it’s my favorite pre-bed yoga stretch.

VitaMelts_NM Tell me how you make staying healthy a simple task. You can enter to win a full set of Nature Made VitaMelts Vitamins, a Nature Made yoga mat, Nature Made tote bag and a Nature Made water bottle. Post on Nature Made’s FB and twitter how you accomplish superior health and make sure to let me know on FB and Twitter too when you do! I’ll announce a winner at the end of February. Good luck and here’s to Good Healthy Living!

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nature Made via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nature Made.

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  • I do mat pilates 3 times a week on a yoga mat with stretch bands to stay in shape. I try eating healthy with cereal for breakfast, greek yogurt for lunch, cottage cheese for a snack and a normal dinner and walk/run on weekends. I am going to try to add kettle bell workouts back into my routine to get into better shape. I also bought a weighted ball recently that I want to use more when I work out.

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