Natural Tips for Relieving Marital Stress

This is about the time of year where every message you hear is about love, and how wonderful it is to be with someone else. And for the large part, these messages are true enough. It can be wonderful to have someone care about you more than anyone else in the world. It’s nice to have companionship and someone you can count on. And that can continue through the dating phase and into married life if both people put in the necessary effort.

But even when both people are working at it, married life can be hard. By their very natures, two different people will occasionally—even often—disagree on things, and it can lead to conflict. So what can you do when your marriage, which is supposed to be something that brings you joy and relief from other problems, is the part of your life that is adding stress? Before you start pulling out your hair or searching for divorce attorneys, here are a few natural tips to follow:


Sometimes, when the stresses of your family life are bouncing around your head like pinballs, you just need a few moments to organize your thoughts.

You don’t need a gym or any specialized area to meditate. Just find a place where you likely will not be disturbed. (In some cases, this might seem like a tall order, but even if you can only take a few minutes, it will be worth it.)

To begin, simply concentrate on your breathing, allowing your mind to fall into a simple rhythm. Inhale slowly through the nose, hold the breath for a few seconds, then release slowly through your mouth. While many styles of meditation recommend focusing all of your thoughts on an abstract point, others take a more active approach. A type of meditation known as “mindfulness meditation” involves allowing your thoughts to wander in and out of your mind. Permit your thoughts to drift in and out of your consciousness, observing them in a detached manner without assigning any judgment. As your thoughts flow, be aware of each as it passes and note the patterns that arise. Over time, you will recognize the paths your thoughts tend to take, allowing you to respond to them in a calmer way.

Having a Solid Plan

Sometimes, the best way to relieve marital stress is to prevent it, and having solid plans in place can be one of the most effective steps in that prevention. This requires regular communication with your partner to make sure that you are both on the same page. If one of you deviates from the plan, remind each other without criticizing. Often, the biggest difference between a gentle reminder and “nagging” can be as simple as the tone of your voice and the timing of the comment. Keep your partner’s feelings in mind as you comment on their behavior.

If you have children, discuss ahead of time how you intend to respond in various situations. Figure out areas where you might disagree and talk them over together, coming to an agreement in private about how you will respond. Sometimes, you may not get your way, but learn to recognize when it’s worth standing your ground and when it’s less important than keeping the peace. Then, present a unified front and follow the plan you agreed on.


Yoga holds similar benefits to meditation, but it expands on them by involving the body as well as the mind. It does require a bit more room, but if you’re a little creative, you can find a place to set up a mat without any major distractions.

Again, focus on your breathing and make your motions as smooth as possible. Focus on the movements and forms, releasing thoughts of anything else. Even taking ten minutes a day can rejuvenate you and allow you to tackle any frustrations with new energy.

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