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I have always been aware of the products I use and the ingredients in them; but even more so now that I’m pregnant with twins. I hate to pop pills or use medicine that could potentially affect my growing boys. My grandmother was a reflexologist and always had wonderful natural home remedies for any ailment you could think of. She definitely rubbed off on me! All of my exposure in the yoga and health world has also shown me ways of healing and caring for my body without having to rely on unnatural substances. Here are some of my top favorite products for healing au natural.

melt MELT Method for aches and pains–If you haven’t heard of the MELT method yet, you are missing out. Sue Hitzman is a genius! She created a self-treatment method for easing aches and pains by massaging the fascial tissue of the body. Her latest edition paperback book is expanded and has detailed step by step instructions for every move. You can easily perform all of them at home no matter what your age or ability. I love her foam roller and hand and foot kit as well!

Topricin for joint issues–I really love topricin products. Topricin is formulated without parabens, petroleum or other harmful ingredients. They have joint creams, a cream I can use on Timothy for his aches and pains, burn cream and a sports cream. The founder is a super cool guy and definitely on a mission to help people find ways to heal themselves naturally or have options to use while under conventional care. He created the formula after dealing with severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Since becoming pregnant with twins, I’ve noticed my knees have been a little achy. I rub the cream on a few times a day and it helps!

ocs Maty’s for coughs and colds–Maty’s is a line of all natural cough syrups, nasal decongestants and antacids. Maty’s is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. I really love the story behind the brand and how Carolyn, Maty’s mother, developed these natural, whole food remedies after her daughter was born with multiple heart defects and had all sorts of other symptoms accompany the treatments. Timothy just recently had a cold and the cough syrup really worked wonders!

Essential oils for energy or relaxation–Aura Cacia is one of my favorite essential oil brands; but I’ve also heard wonderful things about DoTerra and Young Living Essential oils. Essential oils have been used for centuries and they can have such an immediate effect on our moods and nervous system. When I carry a peppermint oil with me, I can sniff it throughout the day for extra energy. Lavender is great for relaxation. Orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils help fend off depression and lift our spirits.

Yoga/meditation for stress reduction–I have to add yoga and meditation to my list of natural remedies. I know personally after practicing for twenty some years now that yoga definitely aids in stress reduction. It also helps with strength, flexibility, focus and relaxation. Mediation is wonderful to start adding to your day, even if it’s just 5 minutes of sitting quietly and watching your thoughts. We can be so quick to turn to outside stimulants or self medicate with unhealthy substances, yoga and meditation can really take the place of all of those destructive habits. A great new meditation app I recently discovered that’s beginner friendly is Stop, Breathe and Think.

healthy-hoo-hoo Healthy hoohoo for yeast infections–Healthy hoohoo is a complete line of feminine freshness products that are free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and parabens. Healthy hoohoo’s line includes a gentle feminine wash, foaming cleanser and wipes that are designed to naturally cleanse girlie parts without removing all the goodness Mother Nature put down there. I recently heard that yeast infections are common during pregnancy because of hormone changes that can disrupt the pH balance of the vagina, these wipes and foaming cleanser have been great for me.

Belli Skin Care for break outs and a fresh faced glow–Pregnancy can definitely wreak havoc on the skin. I noticed I broke out a bit in my first trimester and have been extra diligent with sun screen to make sure I keep dark spots at bay. I am so happy I discovered Belli skin care which was also recommended by my Ob/Gyn. The ingredients are safe, effective and luxurious. I love the healthy glow facial hydrator with grape seed, chamomile and vitamin C in it. The products are all reasonably priced and good not just during pregnancy; but also before and after!

HUM Vitamins–Non GMO, gluten-free, vitamins sourced from nature. Sustainably sourced and plant based these vitamins are really awesome and pure. I like the BIG CHILL for stress relief and focus. The dietary supplement contains adaptogens that are clinically researched for their ability to help you stop the worry and stay beautiful and strong during demanding conditions. I also checked to make sure they are safe to use during pregnancy.

What are some of your favorite natural remedies?


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