National Yoga Month!

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September is National Yoga Month and there are still plenty of ways to celebrate! Many studios are offering free yoga classes and you can also get together with friends and share a practice. When I was home in Idaho early in September for Labor Day weekend, I gave a class to my older brother and his wife and my husband.

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I was holding (and nursing) baby Timothy Grayson while I led them through the poses. I have been on maternity leave since July 31st (I taught up until the day he was born), and I’ve missed teaching. Timothy was so content in my arms, he is used to hearing me lead many classes all through his 10 months in utero.

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I can only speak for myself; but I thoroughly love to teach. Yoga is such a passion for me, and a way of life, it never feels like work. I think National Yoga Month is about celebrating the joy yoga brings to everyone who practices. If you still have yet to experience yoga, now is your opportunity; and if you’re a long time practitioner, now is the time to renew your dedication to yoga.

Here are some ways to still take advantage of National Yoga Month:

 *Get one week of free yoga if you are a new student. Check out this link for studios in your area.

 *Gather friends together for a practice in the park.

 *Renew or commit to a daily meditation practice.

 *Do a downward dog a day.

 *If you are a teacher, host a free class or private for friends and/or family.

 *Invest in some new yoga gear—mat, blocks, straps, etc.

 *Buy yourself a new yoga outfit.

 *Greet everyone with a Namaste!

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