My Protein Picks

One of my favorite things about protein powder, is that it makes my on the go lifestyle easier. A protein shake a day, keeps my energy up and balanced all day long. I never experience sugar or caffeine crashes that can come from coffee or sugar sweetened bars.

My Top Protein Picks


I love protein shakes made with minimum sugar and carbs. TB12 Plant-Based Protein has 24 grams of protein per-scoop with zero grams of sugar and only one carb. I prefer to get my carbs and sweetness from berries (which have added fiber and are nature’s candy) that I add to my shakes, instead of added cane sugar.

TB12 is a great breakfast option for when there just isn’t time for a full meal and I have to run out the door to teach. I blend up a smoothie with the powder, frozen blueberries, spinach, a scoop of almond butter and 1/4 of an is so yummy! I often have a shake made with TB12 mid morning if I haven’t had it for breakfast and I’ve had a full morning of teaching and training. I love it post workout to help repair muscle and prevent fatigue.

**NOTE: For all you plant-based protein and smoothie lovers like me out there reading this, TB12 is having a contest giving away a year supply of protein – submit your favorite smoothie recipe contest to be entered. Visit the link below for all the info and to sign up!

Health Warrior

Another protein powder I really enjoy is  Health Warrior. It is also a plant-based powder with added superfoods. It can be tough to get all the nutrients your body needs especially when it comes to protein. Adding protein to your daily smoothie or having a shake as a post-workout snack, is essential to building muscles and supporting healthy body functions. I am also a sucker for the newly trending protein in mug muffins! They have twice the amount of protein in them as sugar. It is SO important that my on-the-go breakfast is packed with nutrition and protein for my day (plus they are so delicious).


Orgain makes a great vanilla and chocolate flavored grass fed whey protein powder. Whether you are a busy professional, parent, or athlete, their organic, protein powder can fuel your active lifestyle. It is great for an on the go morning smoothie booster or post-workout replenishment. Orgain also has an added bonus of kids protein shakes and granola bars. They are perfect for the boys to get energized for the day or as a mid afternoon snack.

Why Protein?

Getting the recommended amount of protein for your body is so important to ensure your blood sugar and energy levels stay balanced. When your body has enough protein it feels full and fueled. Post workout, protein is essential for recovery and rebuilding muscles. I’d love to hear if you have a favorite protein powder and if you supplement with protein shakes as well.


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