My Personal IVF Story

Getting pregnant can be very stressful for many women. I know I didn’t really think it would even be an issue for me until I started trying. Once I began the process, I had so many emotions and frustrations along the way. I kept wondering why my body just couldn’t get pregnant on its own.

I eventually saw a fertility doctor who helped me use the right course of treatment to assist me in having my three amazing boys! I also relied heavily on my yoga practice, breathwork, meditation, and other forms of complementary care such as acupuncture and healthy nutrition.

Fertility Help Hub

I recently did a podcast interview with Fertility Help Hub sharing my personal experience.

Fertility Help Hub offers support & resources for women; as well as expert advice, and inspiring podcasts with real stories. 

I love this great resource for all women who are trying to get pregnant or are considering it. You can find topics on their Instagram, Facebook, and Website from implantation failure to fertility and your mind. 

Check their Instagram out here.  and website here.

Discovering Yoga

I discovered yoga when I was in college at NYU. At first, it was something that was taught to me as a mindful technique. We used it to help us acting students stay in the present moment. I fell in love with it. Yoga then became a part of me and my life. It proved to be even more beneficial to practice during my pregnancy journey. After I had my kids, I also turned to yoga because it was very helpful. Doing pre and postnatal yoga, allowed me to be able to rely on practice in so many different ways.

Trying To Get Pregnant

It was stressful trying to get pregnant. I was 35 when I met my husband and we were married at 37. After a year of being in love, we decided we were ready to invite a child of our own into the world.

I went to the doctor and because I had always been irregular they suggested visiting a fertility doctor. So, I went to a fertility doctor and asked what I should do. She said in this stage in your life, you should do a fertility treatment.

So just like that, I was doing my first round of IVF. The first round failed.

So, when I went to do the second round I was filled with confusion, fear, and just about every emotion my body would let me feel.

The second round was even more stressful. There are certain injections you have to inject yourself with every night. The second round of IVF I tried, just happened to be the time when Hurricane Sandy hit and all our electricity went out.

So at this point, my medication that was supposed to be refrigerated was going warm in the fridge and we were worried about it not working any longer. My fertility clinic actually had to shut down during this scary time as well which added to the stress of trying to get pregnant.


I was teaching yoga for fertility classes for women in my situation at a different clinic called The Reproductive Medical Associates (RMA). I called them to explain my situation (the didn’t accept my insurance) and they said to come in immediately and we can help you out and work out a payment plan. I felt SOO blessed. It turns out I had 17 follicles! They said I would be crazy not to continue, so I did. We did a two embryo transfer and celebrated the birth of our first son, Timothy.

I was lucky enough to rely on my breath and yoga during my pregnancy in order to contain my nerves. It was so fascinating that I was already teaching women how to go through these uncertain and sometimes challenging times. I realized how much the practice really helped my own pregnancy journey to be more smooth and less stressful.

Becoming pregnant and being pregnant can feel really out of control, women need something to help breathe, relax, and cope with what they can control to feel more empowered and balanced.

Post Pregnancy

We had embryos saved from my round of fertility at RMA. A couple of years later we wanted to have one other child, and we did the exact same protocol the exact same treatment, and then to our surprise, both of the embryos became fertilized, and all of a sudden I was introducing twin boys to the world!

I feel very blessed and fortunate that I’ve been so lucky. During pregnancy and fertility treatments it is so nice to have something to rely on like yoga and meditation. I ate healthy meals, I moved, I meditated. I did whatever I could to help me be in a very good space.

Here are a few things I recommend to women who are trying to get pregnant to help destress during the process.

Ways To Destress During The Pregnancy Process

  • Start yoga, it helps relieve common pregnancy aches and pains and reduces stress. Yoga can help you connect you to the changes taking place in your body and helps you tap into your breath to stay mindful and calm.
  • Lying on your back and breathing can relax our entire nervous system.  Taking a moment to focus on nothing but your breath so your mind can rest for a second.
  • Meditation. Mindful Meditation in the morning and right before bed is so beneficial to our health.
  • Acupuncture. I loved having acupuncture while I was trying to conceive and during my first and third trimesters.
  • Eating healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is key, and including mood-boosting veggies and fruits can help to boost your immune system and reduce stress.
  • Breathing in and out through your nose can help calm the parasympathetic nervous system.

So now that I’ve shared my story, I’d love to know more about yours. Be sure to check out my Peloton prenatal & postnatal yoga classes too!

For more information check out Fertility Help Hub’s podcast series ‘Fertility Springboard’  here.

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