My Macy’s Cooking Demo: Delicious Salmon & Quinoa Recipes!

My Macy’s Cooking Demo: Delicious Salmon & Quinoa Recipes!

In February I was asked to do a cooking demo for Macy’s Heart Healthy Month. I love to cook; but I am far from being a trained chef, and I was so nervous! I tapped in to my yoga breathing and shared some yoga postures with the audience which helped put me at ease as I demonstrated how to cook my favorite quinoa dish.

Cooking can be stressful for some people and I wanted to show everyone how to be more “at OM in the kitchen.” Cooking like Yoga is a meditative process and if you can stay present and focused on chopping, stirring, prepping, etc., the experience can be a wonderful way to relax and make delicious meals for your self and your loved ones.

My older brother is an incredible chef, and he came all the way out from Idaho to help me with the demo and cook my all time favorite food–salmon. I could eat salmon at every meal; but I often feel intimidated cooking fish or meat dishes and often just end up cooking whole wheat pastas, quiona, beans and such. Fish, and salmon in particular, is such a heart healthy food full of omega 3’s and healthy fats.

Kraig showed me a simple easy way to make salmon. My heart felt full of joy and happiness having my amazing family in NYC to support me; and cooking a heart healthy meal and sharing it with others, was an awesome experience. In yoga I often talk about pushing past our comfort zones and growing in ways we never thought possible. I never would have imagined myself doing a cooking demo; but now I feel confident and more comfortable in the kitchen and I’d love to do more!

Here is a clip you can watch from the demo and the recipe and some fun tips are below:

Quinoa Salad W/ Broiled Salmon

Quinoa Salad


• 1 cup quinoa, rinsed and cooked according to package directions
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• 1 garlic clove sliced thinly
• 3/4 cup corn
• 1 cup grape tomatoes, halved
• handful of fresh basil, roughly chopped
• juice of one lemon
• salt and pepper to taste


o Heat olive oil in skillet and sauté garlic until translucent
o Add the corn and cook about 3 minutes until heated
o Turn the skillet off and add the chopped cherry tomatoes
o Add cooked quinoa to the skillet and stir
o Squeeze fresh lemon juice all over dish and add chopped basil

This dish is great alone or as a side to any protein such as scallops, salmon, chicken, pork or any white fish.
The best thing about this dish is that it is proven to be heart healthy. It is a low glycemic grain that is satiating, easy to cook, and lasts well in the refrigerator.
Quinoa is a complete protein, can be served cold or warm and can be made with different variations on the theme.
For example; instead of corn you can use black beans and instead of basil you can use cilantro. Sprinkle lime juice over the dish instead of lemon and add diced avocado.
You can also make a breakfast dish by adding chopped walnuts, dried cranberries or fresh blueberries, honey and cinnamon to cooked quinoa.

Broiled Salmon


• Salmon filets
• lemons
• fresh dill
• olive oil
• salt pepper


o Slice lemons into rings and place on a baking sheet.
o Top with fresh dill sprigs.
o Drizzle salmon with olive oil and rub in.
o Season with salt and pepper and place on top of lemons and dill on baking sheet.
o Place on middle rack in preheated oven set at 450 degrees on broil.

Approximate cooking time is 7-12 minutes.

Some interesting Food Facts!
Garlic relaxes blood vessels and keeps the blood flowing.
Tomatoes are rich in lycopene a super antioxidant which can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.
Basil is high in Vitamin A which can help lower cholesterol.
Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C and can help with digestion.
Black beans are a good source of heart healthy fiber and folate.
Cilantro is a good source of magnesium which fights free radicals.
Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat which can help lower your risk for heart disease.
Walnuts are a great source of Omega 3’s, which are truly our heart’s best friend.
Cranberries and Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants.

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