My Experience with Via

As many of you know my life is a bit crazy with working and being a mom to my three little boys. I am always on the run and trying to get places on time. Whether it is taking Timothy to school or the boys to the dentist, or getting to that last minute work meeting or client on the other side of town; I am always in a hurry.

I walk to as many places as I can or hop on the subway if it’s a further distance. I love to walk with the twins in the stroller when it’s nice out and I’m not in a rush. Getting us all on the subway is not so easy! It would be great to take a car service with the boys to make it easier on myself; but it gets expensive. I recently started using Via to get around to different places, especially with all the kiddos. 

 I am so happy I discovered Via before Timothy started kindergarten!  I get in the car with him and drop him off, then I can go about my day much faster. We get in the car, buckle our seats and off we go into NYC traffic.

Via is very convenient for me to leave a work meeting and pick Timothy up at school instead of having to wait for the subway and switch trains. Often times, I can get the driver to wait while I run in and pick him up.

Getting Around with Via

Via is a smarter way to get around NYC, Chicago, and DC. They offer shared rides. Via is extremely affordable and has a great vibe for the boys and me.  Once you book on the app they have a set pick up and drop off location. Book a ride in under a second and their algorithm will match you with a vehicle going your way. You will save money and reduce emissions.

You might be a little hesitant to try a shared ride with your kids; but it’s actually a lot of fun and really helps the drive go by faster! I also find that people love to chat with and entertain the boys, it gets them off their phones:)

Via is an easy affordable option; and I love that I’ve discovered it. I used to be such a public transportation type gal; but now with three boys in tow, getting a ride has made my life so much easier. It’s fun to see the city streets for a change too and not be underground. Use this download link: and this code: KRISTINMCGEE10 in order to get $10 of ride credit for Via.


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