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We had had such an amazing response with the Yoga Functional Anatomy giveaway that we’re doing one for a similar software, Muscle and Motion!


As a trainer and instructor, I can’t emphasize enough how important understanding at least the basics of human movement; and how our bodies and muscles work is if you’re going to be exercising. I can’t tell you how many clients have come to me with previous injuries that could have been avoided with just a little extra knowledge. The more you know, the more effective your workouts will become.

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Muscle and Motion is the Strength Training version of Yoga Function Anatomy. It has a ton of background information on how movement in the human body works, which is really cool. You can see the software has everything from energy mechanics workout programs:

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This software is absolutely PERFECT for anyone studying for a Personal Training Certification. It’s also useful if you’re working out on your own and have questions like what exercise should I do to strengthen my pecs? What is that muscle on the back of my leg? etc. Muscle and Motion also provides helpful tips of common exercise mistakes and how to correct them.

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So here’s the fun part, your chance to win a free 1-year subscription to the Muscle and Motion Pro-software ($59.95 value)! Here’s how you can enter:


You have 2 chances to win! Each of the following counts as 1 entry:


1) Tweet about the contest using the hashtag #MusclesandMotion and tagging @kristinmcgee


2) Leave a comment below telling us why you want to learn about exercise science, OR how learning about the human body has helped you improve your workouts.


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25 thoughts on “Muscle Software Giveaway”

  • I am a 29 year old type 1 diabetic, I would love to have this software to learn professional tips
    On how to gain muscle through your software in order to help say healthyorder to live a long life for myself and my kids…

    Thanks for all the knowledge you provide Kristin

  • I am 45 years old. Have been excercising for more than 5 years. It was greatly successful in first 3 years (almost 35% weight loss). Since then my weight have been up more than 20%. Went to see the doctor to work on hormone imbalance and metabolic disorder and nothing improved in a good way. I am now trying to explore more in deep details how my body is and find out why playing weight training with a certified trainer 3 times a week plus cardio excercise by walking with heart rate zone two 2 times a week and control my diet and micronutrition as good as I can do, my weight is still going up. Hence my fitness, measured by higher weight plate and number of reps & sets, are completely better than when I lost weight the most.

  • i am a member of muscle and motion for 2 years, an excellent program with a lot of Knowledge inside.

    it’s great to see that they have a yoga software too, good luck !!!


  • I will graduate from Yoga Therapy School in March and this would really help when creating a plan of action for my clients who need therapy as well as when I am teaching yoga!

  • I’m a Cranio Sacral therapist and Kinesiologist. This would help me to show my patients how muscles work and show the most optimal motion. Both would prevent injuries. For others .. it would help to re-integrate the right motion.

  • In studying for my personal trainer exam, it was difficult to lean the muscles and their actions…but I passes the exam. I have only currently worked on my own body’s recovery of many injuries. The knowledge from my studies has helped me to understand “normal, healthy” body function and enabled me to utilize corrective measures to assist in my healing. I look forward to assisting others!! 🙂

  • I would love to win the Muscle and Motion software
    as I have just started working with a TMS MindBody
    doctor for my own healing. Also, I am an aquatic fitness
    and chair exercise instructor and am constantly learning
    more to help my students get the most functional
    benefit for their muscles and posture

  • I really enjoy being able to view the body from the perspective muscle and motion provides. At the moment i am travelling so my free membership provides me with occasional videos.
    Its a great learning tool, and it doesn’t influence my exercises as much as provide me with great reasons to keep doing what im doing. Since ive had such great teachers along the way, that have helped me use my body aligned with its physiological principles. Having muscle and motion is great way to help me remember all the things ive been taught and more. Cheerio!

  • I love to learn about the body. I think it’s amazing! i’m going through nursing school and it really helps to know the relationship between the body and exercise and health. thanks!

  • Hello. I am 25 yrs old and the mother of a 1 month old baby looking to get back in shape and understand my body. I am a exercise enthusiast and would love to become a personal trainer one day. I know exercise is vital to our well being, not only from body, but mind and soul as well. I ran track in high school and completed my first marathon in 2014. While I was in good shape I didn’t have an understanding on the science of exercise. Now that I see how much my body has transformed from giving birth to my beautiful baby I realize the hard work it’s going to take to get back in shape and I would love to truly understand the human body in the process of me getting back into shape. Thank you and hope you consider me!

  • I would love this! I am a personal trainer and welcome all tools to assist in deepening my understanding of the human body

  • As a licensed massage therapist who is going to school for athletic training next year I think this is the perfect way to help build from my foundation and make me a better massage therapist as well as a better student.

  • I am a ballet teacher. Ai also studying different Body movements. I love to have something to show the girls when explaining to them how the Bodyworks. This would be better than any book I currently have. As a teacher it’s a valuable tool.

  • i am a 58 year old woman who lives with chronic pain. I want to figure out a routine to follow so I can strengthen the weak areas in my body for more flexibility and better support.

  • Hi! 🙂
    I’m Zuriel Geller, 26 years old from Israel.
    player for the “Underdogs Haifa” tackle football team and as athlete trainer at the “Reali Rams” high school tackle football team.
    ive been doing sports at a young age at martial arts, i enjoyed that but at a certain point I’ve just stopped going, lost of interest.
    about 4 years ago a friend told me about the American football league that’s developing in israel, and i taged along the next practice. i really enjoyed that but duo to n ankle injury i had to let go of it for the year.
    the next year i went again, really enjoyed playing this game, it challenge you in every aspect. but everyone knows that the post season workout is not less impotent. so that’s when I started to get in shape, 3 years by now and wont stop. while this 3 years i finished studying “sport-therapy” at Wingate institute.
    The best thing about this studying was. That I can learn on myself. The last 4 years I’ve had Chronic ankle sprain, shoulder sub location. a few concussions couple of muscle strains numures of fingers injury and one patello-femoral and of course it never ends :).
    I’ve never felt this good 🙂
    a website is being worked on the last month. it contains a info about American football and sports medicine.

    id be happy and grateful if you will give me the awesome start with this software.
    Thanks you and happy days 🙂

  • As a massagetherapist with a cliente tyat consist for a big part of (amateur)- sportsmen and women with sportsrelated complaints, i’d like to use this software to show my clients the working principles of their muscles so they can adapt their trainingmethods to prevent any further injuries.

  • I am a massage therapist and I know how important it is to know how to work the muscles in both my clients bodies and my own. Knowing about exercise science definitely helps me stay in shape without hurting myself as I try to keep fit and strong to give the best in me in my practice. It also helps me give suggestions to my clients when they need to work on some part of their body and complement their massage.

  • I started working out in high school. Due to problems with my back (the Scheuerman illness) I had to attend special gymnastics classes. I couldn’t lift or carry weights and couldn’t do all sports. However over time I have noticed that these gymnastics classes focused on strengthening my back and building back and stomach muscles. I started to analyze various exercises and tried to understand what impact they have on my body and muscles ( as I recall I read a lot of the Muscle and Fitness magazine). I started working out on my own and going to the gym. I currently do not have any back problems, I have developed my muscles which take away the strain off my back bone when I carry things and don’t have any restrictions to what sports I do. The awareness of my body and knowledge of how it’s build as well as how the muscles work has allowed me to choose appropriate exercises, develop and shape my body in order to become healthier and more fit. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this without truely understanding the process of training, that is how the body and muscles work.

  • Hello!
    I would absolutely love this software! I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, restorative breathe coache and FMS Certified. I’ve been watching these clips for a long time but have not yet purchased the year subscription. I love to learn and I’m a visual learner. I take workshops and follow other trainers and doctors when I can. These videos and your yoga function videos would be amazing and would help me grow even further for my clients. Thank you for posting this. Now I have learned about your amazing work also.

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