Mountain Pose

The view from our patio in Wengen is beyond breathtaking. I can’t even believe the magnificent mountains that surround me. I grew up in the mountains in Idaho and have seen some incredible mountain ranges from the Teton’s to the Sawtooth’s, to name a few; but nothing has prepared me for the Swiss Alps.

I met my husband, Tim, here in the Alps after leading a yoga and Pilates retreat for Escape to Shape in Puglia, Italy. It has always been a dream of Tim’s to do some hiking in this region. He chose a beautiful spot for us to stay at in a town called Wengen which is located in the Bernese Oberland area of Switzerland.

What strikes me the most about the mountains, is the sense of peace and calm they bring me. I also feel a sense of awe, wonder and overwhelming pride. I know that sounds like a silly thing to say; but being in nature makes me feel so alive and so proud to be a part of this world.

I think the ancient yogi’s wanted us to feel what I am trying to capture in words–a sense of pride and awareness of the tremendous energy and support the earth gives us. They named Tadasana, the base of all of our standing postures, Mountain Pose for a reason.

When we stand in mountain pose and feel our feet grounded, we are tapping in to a strength that not only comes from within; but has grown for millions of years just as the glorious mountains have. We take a moment to breathe in the air that surrounds us and nurtures us. We find our inner potential which is limitless and continues to grow. We sink in to our depths and rise to our heights.

It’s important to not skip over such a crucial posture in our yoga practice. It’s easy to want to move right away; but really the true beauty of our practice is being able to stand and image ourselves as the mountains. I look out at this picturesque view and I am transfixed in time and space. All I want to do is stand here and observe all that surrounds me. Make sure to take that time in your practice and stand in your mountain pose, breathe, and know that that is enough.

Because, everything you could possibly ever want, have or need, is right here inside of you.

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