Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year is a very special one for me now that I have two more additions! Since having the twins, I am really in full time mom mode. I have the utmost appreciation for my mom, and for all moms out there. Being a mom is definitely one of the toughest jobs there is. Truly all I really want for Mother’s Day is to be with my boys; but I do appreciate a well thought out gift as well. Here are some of my favorite items you can give to your mom or request for yourself. I also have some bonus treats and discounts for lots of the ideas below.

Tough Hands: I can’t tell you how often I wash my hands these days, they are getting so dry. I recently discovered Tough Hands lotion and I keep it by my bed to rub on at night and first thing in the morning. The lotion really works and it’s not expensive. This is a great gift for a mom friend, or a mom who works for you. I bought my nanny one!

100% Natural Rosehip & Jojoba Oil: This Australian face oil is amazing. I love how it smells and roses always remind me of moms. I think it’s a great all natural moisturizer for my face and I even rub it on my breasts after nursing. It’s affordable and effective and the packaging is very pretty.

Parasetter: For me getting some exercise is crucial; and I love it when my workout is also restorative. I am a huge fan of the Parasetter for doing Pilates with and for lying on my back and breathing. I am so rounded forward these days from nursing and carrying my boys. I also have more stress with the lack of sleep and high demands. The Parastter is like giving myself a mini massage and it helps lower cortisol levels. I lie on it at night after all my boys are asleep and do deep breathing. During the day I try and do some core work on it as I heal my diastasis and strengthen my core. You can use code KRISTIN for a discount. It’s definitely an amazing treat for any mama.

Yoga clothes: Let’s face it, these days most moms live in yoga pants, at least I sure do! I don’t know a woman out there who wouldn’t love a new pair of yoga leggings or a cute yoga tank or top. Gaiam makes a new adorable clothing line with super cute tanks that have fun sayings on them, they make my day! Use KRISTIN20 for 20% off there.

Blow out or a mani/pedi: Most moms rarely have the time to treat themselves. I LOVE Glamsquad because they can come to my home and do my hair or a manicure and pedicure. If you don’t have a Glamsquad in your city, ask your hubby to get you a day at your favorite hair or nail salon. Use my code to get $25 off if you use!

Home cooked meal: I rarely have a second to make a good, healthy home cooked meal these days. When my husband is away for work, I love to get a healthy meal delivered to me. I use CookUnity often when it’s just me and the boys at home and I love them. The meals are delicious, nutritious and hand crafted. You can personally chat with the chefs and all meals use locally sourced ingredients. You can get gift cards from Cook Unity, and I would personally love something like this. Click on the link for a free first meal.

Hedgren bag: All moms need something to schelp all of their things around in. Hedgren makes travel, work, and hand bags as well as super stylish suitcases. I really like their design and functionality.

So what are your favorite mother’s day gifts? I hope you have a wonderful, special day and can get some time for yourself and some precious mommy time as well.

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