Mothers Day 2019 Guide

I am so excited to be able to say this year I am celebrating my 6th mothers day.  I always love getting to spend time with my little boys who have made Mothers Day an extra special occasion for me. My mom is visiting from Idaho this year as well; and as a treat I am bringing her to my PELOTON live class, I can’t wait!

Everyone wants to get a great present for the special women in their life. Here are some gifts that every mom needs, wants and most likely doesn’t already have!

Great Mom Friendly Gift Ideas



The 21 Day Get Your Body Back Plan: I developed this plan for mamas to get fit and feel the benefits of being healthy! The plan is also for anyone who wants to get back in shape. I want to help everyone feel great in their body in a gentle, results-oriented way. The plan includes email support every-day, access to me in a private Facebook Group. As well as healthy, delicious recipe options for every day, and exclusive videos and instructional workouts. The plan also includes tips to keep you motivated and breath work and meditation practices to help you stay more mindful. Use Kristin15 for 15% off!


Yoga Peloton Subscription

Now there is yoga on the Peloton App! You don’t need the peloton bike or treadmill to download the app and have unlimited daily yoga classes with me! You can also use the app on any bike or treadmill if you want to as well.


April showers bring May flowers. Moms are like flowers in a lot of ways and one way is that they both need water to survive the week!

Zak Designs is making it easier for moms everywhere to stay properly hydrated during their active days with their new stylish stainless steel tumblers. The double-wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel Kiona bottle makes it easy for moms to keep their water cold on those long days when they’re taking kids from school to soccer practice and band recitals (or in my case when I am running around with the kids AND have to teach yoga after that!) 

My favorite part about this water bottle is the lock feature! It makes sure the bottle doesn’t accidentally pop open when I have it in my bag with all my yoga stuff!


I love that tie dye is back! I love even more that the fun and the funky trend is now included in activewear. These cool gloves are one of a kind which adds a unique bonus to your gift!

The company that created these cool gloves is called Sanabul and they are sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly when it comes to athletic gear which is another plus! For any fitness or fashionable mom these Tie Dye Boxing Gloves are perfect.



Lunya PJ’s are the comfiest gift for every mama! Their sleepwear is designed to achieve maximum comfy and coziness! The fabrics are all designed to be made super soft, made from natural fibers. Their sleepwear collection is silky smooth and made to combat things that keep you up at night like restlessness, temperature, and muscle aches. These PJ’s are like a slipper for your entire body. They are sure to be a fan fave by all moms on mothers day.


These earrings are so cute! They are simple, and beautiful perfect for any kind of mom. Whether she loves big bold outfit statements or prefers leggings and t-shirts (like me) these cute accessories are dainty enough to make any mom fall in love and add the perfect touch to her outfit, any day of the week.


Glam Squad: Most moms rarely have the time to treat themselves. I LOVE Glamsquad because they can come to my home and do my hair or a manicure and pedicure. If you don’t have a Glamsquad in your city, ask your hubby to get you a day at your favorite hair or nail salon. Use my code to get $25 off if you use!

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

This is not only a treat for mamas but anyone at all of any age. Once I got the Philips wake-up alarm clock I swear my entire family’s life was changed for the better. It eases you into waking up as well as helps you wind down and relax at the end of the night. My favorite aspect of the light is its nighttime routine for sure. The light-guided breathing really helps me relax. I am exhausted by the time I work all day, then take care of all three boys, then get myself ready for bed. This is a great gift for any mom that has trouble getting up or getting to sleep. The fading in and out of the natural based light truly does help to wake up and go to bed with more relaxation and ease.



I offer a number of different meditation packages that start with beginner meditation all the way to universe connection meditation. Meditation is a great way to relax and reconnect with yourself. There are so many benefits and this is a great gift for any kind of mom. We all need more mindful moments in our life and meditation is a great way to practice that. Some meditation classes I offer include:

Intro to Meditation – Short and sweet and easy for anyone to follow.
Lake Meditation – Envision your mind like a mountain, lake and allow your worries to disappear.
Fertility Meditation – For mom’s going through treatments.
Universe Meditation – Learning to find your own personal universe and align yourself with the universe.
Easy 5 Min Meditation – Sit back, relax and enjoy! Take 5 minutes for yourself.

So here are just a few options, I’d love to know what you have planned for yourself (if you’re a mom); or for that special woman in your life.


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