Mommy and Me in Pair–eeee

Mommy and Me in Pair–eeee




I returned this week from my 3rd trip to Paris for CoachClub. I shot 30 more programs for them! I am so excited for everything to launch in the States later in May. My mom came all the way from Idaho for the last 4 days to see me at work; and to spend the weekend with me in Paris. As I write this now, I well up with tears. My mommy has always been there for me and continues to support me in so many ways. When everyone in my life says “No”, my mom says “YES!”. She encourages me to just go for it, and to never doubt myself. She is not only my mom; but also my best friend, my cheerleader, my business partner (she packages and sends all of my DVDs out) and my co-pilot. In a recent Forbes article, 5 Career Lessons from Han Solo, the first one is “Have an ally who will support you no matter what.” My mom has always been that ally.

When my mom arrived on Thursday morning after at least an 11 hour flight, she came straight to my set and met everyone. That evening we sat in a little cafe near my flat and people watched and caught up with each other.

The next day she and I rode the metro to work and she stayed all day watching as I did my hair, make up, planned my wardrobe changes, taped my last workouts and filmed an interview. We had lunch with Aurelie and Olivier during our break at a wonderful French restaurant near CoachClub.

That evening, we walked home across the Seine and celebrated with the most incredible meal in Port de St. Cloud.

Saturday we hit the city! We got on the metro early and I took her on my whirlwind tour from my last time in Paris.

I even took her to Paradis du Fruits for lunch and we had a cappuccino at Cafe Huge in Place de Vosges. That evening we discovered the best little restaurant L’Ami Pierre and had a glass of wine there before we went to a hilarious play, “How to Be A Parisian in One Hour” (which I will write a separate blog post on!). We told the owner, Nicole, we’d be back for dinner and she didn’t even have us pay for our wine at that time–we couldn’t believe it. She just trusted us to return for our reservation at 815pm.

When we returned, we brought some friends we had met at the theater! Ludo and his wife Elyn (she and my mom were so excited to share a Norwegian connection) and their daughter, Lucille (from Boulder, CO of all places!) and my mom and I all sat for an incredible meal that lasted well in to the evening. Three bottles of wine later, we were all singing and hugging and celebrating good food, meeting new people and expanding our horizons.

Sunday we were pretty worn out but we made it back to the city once again to walk on the Champs Elysees and see the Arc de Triomphe. We made it back to our flat mid afternoon and packed our bags. Then we went and had some pizza (we had our fill of French food and pizza sounded good!) in our area. It was so sad the next morning to get on our separate flights back home.

When I was a young girl my mom and dad started a singing group for us kids in Idaho. My day would always say he was in charge of playing the piano and leading the medley’s; and my mom was in charge of the enthusiasm in the troupe. Enthusiasm is the one thing my mom has always had; and she has always inspired it in me and everyone she meets. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it with me at all times. Whenever I do feel a bit down or feel self-doubt, I think of my mom. Thank you mom for everything. Je t’aime MAMAN!


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