Model Secrets for Staying Slim and Feeling Sexy

I remember in High School when my mom started getting Victoria Secret catalogs in the mail. I would thumb through the pages and admire not only the clothes and lingerie; but also the models. I loved seeing women with some curves and who looked fit and athletic (as opposed to some of the rail thin models in high fashion magazines). I’ve followed the VS models over the years and I think all them from Heidi Klum to Marisa Miller are awesome. They are not only sexy; but many of them are also smart business women. Best of all, they seem super confident in their own skin.

I had the opportunity to go to Victoria’s Secret Live: Very Sexy for Spring 2012 event a few weeks back. Here are some secrets Top VS models Miranda Kerr and Erin Heatherton had to share for staying slim in a healthy way; and how to glow from within.

1. Do Yoga! Miranda Kerr is a big fan of yoga, not only for the physical benefits but also the spiritual and mental benefits.

2. Eat healthy, but enjoy your life. Miranda really walks the walk. She eats organic foods, lots of fruits, veggies, lean proteins and some wholesome carbs (sweet potatoes, rye toast, etc) as well as nuts and seeds. She makes room to indulge in some dark chocolate, though as well. Erin eats healthy, too; but also loves to go out for drinks with friends and dance. A glass of champagne or red wine is good for us every now and then!

3. Exercise regularly. Both Erin and Miranda have trainers they work with; but they also are active in their lifestyles. Miranda says chasing after her fourteen month old son, Flynn, is a workout in and of itself. She loves to cook healthy food for her son and husband too. Yes, even cooking and preparing your own food can count as activity! Erin was a former athlete and a star basketball player in High School. She mixes up her fitness regimen (when I’ve done yoga/Piates sessions with her, I’m super impressed with her body awareness); and she makes sure to do something daily, even twice a day sometimes! She finds classes to take or workouts to do wherever she travels. She discovered Pure Barre on one of her trips to New Orleans and had the founder, Carrie Dorr, show us some moves the night of the VS event.

4. Give back. One of the coolest things I noticed about both Miranda and Erin was their interest in helping others and giving back to the community. Miranda founded her own organic skincare line, KORA organics, and wants to “inspire people globally to nurture their bodies, embrace their unique beauty and understand the benefits of using organic skincare.” Erin supports Victoria’s Secret photographer, Russell James charity, Nomad Two Worlds. The two of them both spoke at the event about community and the importance of supporting and promoting people and artists from marginalized countries around the world.

The night also included tips from celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia and hair and make up tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Meredith Baraf and Hair Stylist Italo Gregorio. Victoria’s Secret has a great make up line and I personally swear by their take it all off make-up remover wipes.

Beauty really does come from the inside out. It is important to take care of our entire being, from the food we eat, to the way we move, to how we contribute to society. To quote Erin, “One of the most important things I’ve learned in modeling is that when you love and embrace yourself it radiates, and that, to me, truly defines beauty.”

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