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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As a breastfeeding mom, I’m burning through an extra 500 or so calories a day. My little guy loves to eat and is a growing boy, I feel like I’m feeding every hour. Sometimes I think I should just sit at home all day with my boobs out and ready. At night, he goes longer between feedings and I have adequate supply; but during the day, I often feel like I’m barely keeping up with him. I recently discovered Milkin’ Cookies, lactation cookies. The cookies are made for moms, by moms who happen to be doctors!

cookies Certain foods are known galactagogues. Galactagogue comes from the Greek work galactos which means “milk” and agogue which means “bringer of”. Galactagogues are foods and herbs that support breastfeeding. Certain foods like oatmeal, brewer’s yeast and flax are supposedly good for breastfeeding moms. Herbs such as fennel, fenugreek and blessed thistle can also increase breast milk production. Milkin’ Cookies are made from real wholesome foods and rely upon oatmeal, brewer’s yeast and flax to support breastfeeding. If you are cautious of taking herbs, there are none in these delicious treats.

cookie package Milkin’ Cookies come individually wrapped and in 3 different flavors, cranberry almond oatmeal, dairy free cranberry almond oatmeal, and oatmeal chocolate chip. They are preservative free so you need to eat them within two weeks or freeze them. I’ve tried the oatmeal cranberry and chocolate chip and they are DELICIOUS! My husband really liked them as well (it’s ok for men and kids to eat these too!) and I am starting to see a difference in my milk supply. The cookies are only 210 calories, high in fiber and fairly low in sugar. As nursing moms, we definitely don’t need to worry too much about calories as long as we are getting the right kind of calories. 

cookie I like to take the cookies on the go with me or have one mid afternoon or after dinner with a cup of mother’s milk tea. I always feel satisfied with just one cookie a day and I really like the portion control individually wrapped treats. If you are a nursing mom or just a cookie lover (and who isn’t?!), you can enter to win a 14 day supply of the freshly baked cookies as well as a Milkin’ Cookies tee shirt delivered to your door. Let me know if you are having troubles with your milk supply or have heard of the benefits of wholesome ingredients like the ones used in the cookies and would love to try them out. Enter comments below and let me know on twitter or Facebook as well. Make sure to check out Milkin’ Cookies site and follow and like them too! 



A winner will be picked at the end of the week, GOOD LUCK!

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11 thoughts on “Milkin’ Cookies”

  • Would love to try these cookies! I also feel like during the day my milk supply just isn’t enough to keep Claire full. Night is easier since she goes longer stretches between feedings.

  • chocolate chip cookies are my ultimate guilty pleasure! If this cookie really helps to produce more milk, I’m in heaven! When can I try them?

  • I would love to win a 14 day supply. In due with my first baby on December 2nd and have heard these can be really helpful. I’m a little confused though on how to enter the contest.

  • I actually started fenugreek because my Ashlyn is such a piggy and I felt like my supply wasn’t sufficing her needs. I would love to try these cookies because even though fenugreek works, I would rather not smell like maple syrup forever, lol! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I buy the cookies every month. I love them and they did increase my milk supply. However, my daughter has a milk protein allergy so I had to switch to the dairy-free kind. They still taste good but I am not getting the same results. Honestly, right now I am not sure I will make it to 6 months. I am praying though.

  • I have 9 month old twins. I pump as much as I can at work, but I can’t keep up with 2 very hearty appetites, so they get about half pumped milk and half formula during the day when I’m at work. I would love to try these cookies to see if they help me keep up with the twins.

    • Congratulations Jess! You’ve been chosen to win a 14-day supply and Milkin’ Cookies tee. Please check your email for more information.

  • I have a 7 month old baby girl, which I’m currently still breastfeeding. I’m returning to school in a week from now and I need to stock up the Freezer. I feel like my production has decreased, and I would be more then happy to try these cookies.

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