Mighty Nest- Helping to Save Our Planet

I feel such an obligation to do my part in keeping our planet clean. I try my best to teach my boys about our eco-responsibilities – they know all about recycling, keeping litter off the ground, and turning the sink off when they brush their teeth. My hope is by the time they’re having kids of their own (though I wish they’d stay young forever) our world will be in a better place than it is today. 

With the chaos of my household, I turn to MightyNest when looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. I know I can trust their products to push us a step in the right direction. Finding a brand I can trust, that’s focused on keeping things green AND promises the use of safe, healthy, non-toxic materials, has saved me hours of researching.

The easiest way to discover greener alternatives:

My favorite thing about MightyNest is their MightyFix subscription. Every MightyFix product I’ve ever used has changed how I go about my life. For only $11 a month (shipping is free!) MightyFix sends one item to add to my ever-growing arsenal of earth-friendly products. If you sign up using this link though your first month is only $3.The MightyFix has helped me discover new products I wouldn’t have otherwise known existed. It makes it easy for me to make one sustainable swap each month since they send one new eco-friendly swap – along with helpful tips and tricks for using it. It helps make it easier to start making changes & show my boys how easy it is to reduce single-use disposable plastic. I love that I can get anything else I’d like from their site, and it ships for free with my monthly MightyFix.

These are some of my absolute fav MightyFix products so far!

Food Huggers

These nifty little huggers are 100% FDA approved, food grade silicone. Food Huggers have replaced a TON of plastic wrap in our home. They’re easy to pop on all our favorite fruits and veggies, and keep them fresh way longer than they’ve fared without an airtight seal. I love tomatoes: but I often only need a few slices at a time for sandwiches here and there – the rest of the tomato ends up going to waste. The food huggers have already saved many a tomato in my kitchen! I also like to cut up the boys apple slices but they often do not want the whole thing, putting a Food Hugger on is quick and easy. If you sign up for the MightyFix with my link, you will get these Food Huggers for your first fix. The subscription can be canceled at any time.


Wool Dryer Balls

The wool dryer balls have been a laundry life saver. Not only are they much better for the environment, but they’ve saved money on the electric bill AND our clothes have never looked better. The dryer balls replace wasteful and toxic dryer sheets. You toss all three balls into your dryer – on low-no heat- and let them do their thing. The addition of the balls keeps the clothes moving, so they dry faster, even on the no-heat setting. The shorter drying time has done wonders for wrinkles and static – and for those last minute items you need to dry quickly.


I feel great knowing I’m spending my money on products that are long lasting; and helping my family and I make sustainable changes for the better. I’m proud of my family for the steps we are taking to create a better planet for my boys. I’m so thankful for the MightyFix and their help along the way! 






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