Meditation and All Of It’s Benefits!

DSC_0862_2 I have had a regular mediation practice for a while now. I used to be quite regimented and wake up a half hour early each morning and do it first thing for at least 20 minutes. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve had to shift things a bit. In my first trimester I had to eat when I first woke up or else I would be nauseous, so my meditation would come later in the day usually. In my second trimester I was so exuberant, I actually just found myself mediating and rubbing my belly all day long throughout the day. Now that I’m in my final stages, I’m trying to go back to a morning routine where I can calm my mind and relax about my upcoming delivery. 

Here’s a really cool infographic from Marcela De Vivo, a health and beauty writer from Los Angeles, showing all of the benefits of meditation, the proper seat to try (although I find even lying down or sitting in a chair works, do what is most comfortable for you; and don’t force your knees in to lotus if your hips aren’t open, just sit cross legged), and a black and white meditation you can try.



INFOGRAPHIC by Gryffin Media and Skin

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3 thoughts on “Meditation and All Of It’s Benefits!”

  • Kristin this is such a warm, loving and beautiful picture of you and Baby Boy …Definitely the first picture for next year’s Mother’s Day blog….Wishing you the best…Love you

  • This post is really very interesting and informative! And info graphics used in it provides more clear indication of it. Its really important and helping for every individual to do meditation. And your post is really amazing I liked it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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