Meditating Through Infertility

April 21st to 29th is Infertility Awareness week.  I thought it would be important to touch upon this very sensitive subject for many women. I know when I started my journey to getting pregnant, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My yoga and meditation practice was a huge help. I honestly couldn’t have stayed sane without getting on my mat.

I taught yoga for fertility at the Reproductive Medical Associates for women wanting to conceive. Trying to get pregnant can be very challenging for many couples. Having complementary tools to help with IVF and other treatments can be a huge help. Yoga is useful since it is low impact; and as long as women are careful, they can still do light stretching when doing fertility treatments.

Meditation is truly what I think is the most helpful for women trying to conceive. Our mind and body are connected. Our thoughts can have an incredible impact on our bodies. I created a meditation for women trying to conceive that you can check out here.

About the Meditation Studio: The Fertility Collection

Chrissy Carter, Wall-Street-trader-turned-meditation-instructor, used meditation to help navigate her through a six-year fertility journey. Chrissy created Fertility Collection on the Meditation Studio app.

Chrissy’s new Fertility Collection is inspired by her six-year personal journey to have her daughter, Chloe now 8-months old. It features 15 meditations that touch on many aspects of starting a family, from preparing for the journey to connecting to the mother within with meditations focused on trusting the process to navigate grief, releasing fear, and choosing joy in hard times. The apps new collection of fertility is designed to support women navigating the emotional challenges of fertility. The app is super user-friendly and lets you choose exactly which guided meditation best suits your needs!

Chrissy’s Experience With Fertility

“Grief became a part of me during this journey but my meditation practice kept me going. Whatever your journey is or wherever you are in your journey, my hope is that you find support in this collection. Looking back, it’s clear that the journey was exactly how it had to be. I understand now that it” – Chrissy Carter

Everyone’s Experience Is Different

Everyone experiences having children and the process of becoming a mama differently; and the Meditation Studio app really helps any mama on her journey feel more at peace, calm and relaxed during the process. I always want women to be as gentle as they can with themselves during the process of getting pregnant, being pregnant and having children. I love that Chrissy created something so comprehensive and truly love her meditations.

I’d love to hear from you about your journey. I’d also love to hear if this is something you’d love to see me do more of for you all, on my site or through Peloton.

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