Lock Laces

Lock Laces
I recently received some pairs of Lock Laces, innovative elastic shoelaces that keep shoes tied securely. I think it’s such a great concept for all types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. How many times have you been mid treadmill run and had to stop to tie your shoelace? Or how about while walking home from the grocery store with bags in your hand? I’m still super flexible now and my bump isn’t in the way; but I know come end of June, I will love being able to slip on and off my tennis shoes without bending over.

landingpage-purple-puma Lock Laces come in an array of super cute colors and they are easy to use. The elastic laces provide firm yet flexible stretch-fit comfort, there’s a loaded lock that adjusts quickly, and the cord protects the laces ends. The laces were originally designed for athletes–marathon runners who need sustained compression across the foot, triathletes who need to maximize their transition speeds, and cross fitters who can work out hard without having to adjust their shoes or worry about their laces coming undone mid session. They benefit everyone, though, who want to comfortably slip their shoes on and off easily, especially kids, elderly and yoga teachers like myself! I end up taking my shoes on and off multiple times a day every time I go in to a different class or private session.

Eric Jackson “Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that can really make a big difference,” says Lock Laces founder Eric Jackson, “We’ve have had such an incredible response to our LOCK LACES™ products; the enthusiasm and loyalty from customers right out of the gate has been really rewarding.”

nevertieagain LOCK LACES are available in black, brown, white, cool gray, hot pink, cotton candy pink, navy blue, purple, orange creamsicle, red, royal blue, yellow, and sour green apple. They’re only $7.99 a pair, and are available at more than 2,000 retail locations across the U.S. and on Amazon. For more information, visit www.locklaces.com or keep up with the brand online on Facebook or Twitter.

I think it’s so cool that LOCK LACES is a national sponsor of both the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Fit Feet Program and The Challenged Athletes National Triathlon.

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