Does Listening To Music Aid Or Hinder Your Workout?

girl-869213_960_720 Music has the ability to evoke a range of emotions, from joy to heartbreak. It can tell stories and fill the listener with nostalgia and hope. With the rise in Bluetooth headphones and smartphones, we can listen to music wherever we are. This accessibility has seen more and more gym-goers using music as an aid to exercise. While studies have shown that music can enhance performance, not everyone is convinced. This has caused a divide within the fitness industry with some for and others against. Take a look at these pros and cons to find out which side you are on.

Music can be a distraction

Music is often used as a distraction and can make exercise more enjoyable as a result. Research has found that many fitness fans who listen to music feel less pain when exercising. The distraction of music has also been found to improve performance and focus. But on the other hand, many people find that music stops them from concentrating on the correct technique and speed on their workout. This can prevent progression as well as heighten the risk of injury. Some gym-goers also find that listening to music prevent them from being aware of what is going on around them.

8353148669_ca49f49d25_c Music can be dangerous

Headphones with wires are considered a health risk, yet many people still continue to use them. As you move these wires can easily get wrapped around your neck or the apparatus you are using. If your music is loud, you might be too distracted to notice this occurring. This can increase the risk of injury or death. You can also get injured or injure those around you. This is why many people see listening to music as a danger at the gym. However, there are a number of hands-free headphones you can listen to music on. This removes the risks associated with wires and allows you to workout safely. Just as long as you keep the volume to a suitable level. You can find product info from Jaybird Sport and other headphone manufacturers for more safety advice.

Music can make you work harder

As well as being a distraction, music can also motivate us to work harder. The beat and rhythm of a song can help you get into the right frame of mind to work hard. Unfortunately, some people can go overboard when listening to their gym playlist and work too hard. This can lead to both injury and health issues which could put you out of action. Alternatively, songs that are too slow can stop you from making any progression and effect your mood. Use Songs BMP to find out whether your favorite song to exercise to is too fast or slow. Songs with 140 beats per minute are credited as being the most effective ones to workout to.

So whether you love or loathe workout music, ultimately there is no right answer to this question. It all comes down to personal preference. If you find that listening to music is beneficial continue listening to your favorite tracks. If you don’t, use another method of staying focused and motivated.


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