Lift Session–Getting my pre-baby body back & a FREE Personal Training Session For YOU!

As most of you know, I had a Timothy over two years ago – which has been amazing! He’s (of course) the best thing ever and has changed my life for the better X1,000,000! That being said, having a child definitely changed my body. Even though I do quite a bit of Yoga and Pilates, I’ve missed training – as in really being pushed; challenging my strength and endurance, etc. My butt has missed it too… so I’ve decided to do something about it – it’s called LIFT session.

In quick summary, LIFT is live online training from a computer, tablet or smart TV with an amazing coach… that may be located in a different country… seriously. And it’s LIVE, as in your coach can see you and communicate with you just like if you were in the same room – only you’re not. It is just like being at the gym with a great trainer, only better, because I’m in the comfort of my own home. I literally roll out of bed (or put Timothy down for a nap or he even does high knees etc. with me!), get in front of my computer or iPad and connect with my coach David. 30-minutes later… I’m sweating, breathing hard, tired but feeling great!

I’ve just started this new LIFT journey and I’m excited! I’ll update you on my progress as we go. By the way, if you’re interested, the first session is FREE! And membership starts at just $79/month, which is an incredible value. And if you use promo code KRISTIN you will get 10% off your first month! Just go to, register, schedule and go – you’ll love it – and so will your butt!

I’m also excited to get used to the software, and possibly jump on as a coach as well; and train you with yoga, Pilates and strength training…stay posted!!!

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