Liam Loves S3!

Lately the 3 in my S3 DVD has taken on a whole new meaning. I think it now stands for 3 year olds love this workout too!

My younger sister-in-law works out religiously. I’m always so impressed at her discipline to get up first thing in the morning and do a workout DVD or run on her treadmill or run outdoors. Her boys, Daniel (age 5) and Liam (age 3) have always been active with her. When she works out to Insanity or one of my DVDs, Dan and Liam get out their yoga mats and do high knees and down dogs with her too.

I sent her my newest S3 DVD when it came out for her feedback. She said she really loves the workouts and especially how quickly they fly by. The funniest thing, though, she said is Liam, her 3 year old, asks her to do the S3 DVD all the time. It could be that he just likes to see his Aunt Kristin who lives thousands of miles away from him in NYC, or it could be that it’s never too early to start getting strong and svelte!

It’s so awesome to see kids take an interest in fitness from an early age. Julia sets a great example for her boys and she is an inspiration to all moms. It’s ok to take some time for yourself and get a workout in, and you can do it without feeling guilty when you involve your children too. Never underestimate the influence you have on your children. Never doubt the capabilities in a young child.

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