How Lack of Sleep Affects Performance

A healthy lifestyle is determined by the interconnection of our daily habits, which include eating well, exercising and getting the necessary rest. Equilibrium is the key to well-being; and we need to be aware of the effects our habits have on our body and spirit. What and how we eat, the way we sleep, our workout routine, how we feel about ourselves – these are all actions that influence our everyday happiness.

You already know that eating healthy is essential for staying fit, but have you ever wondered how sleep affects your workout performance?

Lack of sleep leads to non-performance

A study conducted on professional athletes found out that sleep deprivation has a significant impact on the activities a person can sustain. The participants in the study were able to manage passive actions, such as reading, listening to music or watching a film, but they got tired when working out and felt they needed more energy than usual to complete the task. The conclusion is not at all surprising: lack of sleep leads to poor athletic performance. The scientific explanation is that our bodies rely on glycogen, which is energy stored in muscles, to fuel the workouts we do. When this power runs low, fatigue sets in.

If you want results, create proper sleeping conditions!

No matter what you do – jog, run, cycling, yoga, heavy lifting, going to the gym – a good night sleep is crucial for getting results. Our muscles repair and grow during our rest, so better sleep equals better recovery, which leads to better performance. A peaceful repose improves our reaction times, lowers our injury rate, and it is vital for our judgment, focus, memory, and capacity of learning. I have always believed that the right environment and state of mind are fundamental for a tranquil rest.

  • Buy the right sleeping mattress. A Try Mattress visit will help you make an informed decision since you have such a vast range of options on the market.
  • Track your sleep and improve it. Several modern apps allow you to monitor your sleeping habits and they can even make suggestions on what you could do to shape them up.
  • Clear your mind. A few simple breathing techniques will help you get away from negative thoughts and will allow you to rest untroubled.

How much sleep do you need?

The answer to this question depends on genetics. Some people achieve a lot with only five hours of sleep; meanwhile, others may need at least nine hours of rest to function properly. If you lose sleep one night, you won’t be at your best the next day, but the change in performance will be relatively small. But if the lack of sleep becomes a chronic issue, everything will change. Your blood pressure will go up, as well as the risk of heart-related events, and your blood sugar levels will worsen. That is when your performance takes the hit, and it will be more and more difficult for your body to recover. So regardless of how many hours of sleep you need, make sure you don’t neglect this essential habit for your well-being. It is equally important as having a proper diet and an active mind – in fact, it impacts every single other aspect of your life.




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