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Introducing your littles to new sports, activities, and hobbies is always so much fun! In the winter months, especially if you live in a colder climate, it’s awesome to find good indoor activities. Yoga to the rescue! When you incorporate yoga in to your children’s lives, you keep them active as well as calm, flexible, mindful and so much more.

For all of you mamas looking for ways to incorporate yoga into your little ones lives, here are some tips, tricks, and tools to help you out.

Think Fun Yoga Dice

Think fun yoga dice is a great activity for the kids to do indoors during the winter and still keep active. The game includes 6 six-sided Yoga Pose Dice, 6 Pose Tokens, 1 six-sided Breath Die, 1 Focus Token, Yoga Mat Game Track, Game-Go Bag and an Instruction Booklet (with Yoga Pose Descriptions). We take ours with us everywhere. I love how the entire family can play this game; and it challenges Timothy and the twins physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Yoga House

The Yoga House shares lessons of kindness, peace, and gratitude for families; and brings mindfulness into your home. The super cute book also includes an affirmation, nighttime meditation, and journaling exercises.

The Yoga House is all about encouraging kids to dream big, shine bright, see the world’s magic, and be grateful for those that love you. The morals and values in the book because align with mine and of course with the teachings of yoga. I couldn’t pick a better book to teach my boys the importance of family, kindness, and mindfulness.

Kids Yoga Classes

There will come a time when your child is old enough to take a yoga class on their own. Set them free, let them explore the practice on their own terms and with peers. Not only will it help them grow confidence and independence; but it will give them the chance to build their own community of like-minded friends.

There are online resources to find yoga classes near you, but it’s best to start by asking your own yoga community for recommendations. If you have a hard time finding kids yoga classes in your area, you can check out my BENDIGIRL DVD as well as my classes on the PELOTON digital app. I have plenty of classes that parents and kids can take together at Peloton and it’s a cool way for kids to connect with their friends remotely and see each other on the leaderboard and high five each other!

Yummy Yoga

YUMMY YOGA is a new book by best-selling author and nutritionist, Joy Bauer. It is a creative blend of whimsy (edible little people), easy yoga poses, and kid-friendly nutrition. Yummy Yoga encourages kids to imitate the little yogis who are working hard to balance on their little legs while holding up their avocado torsos. The book is a great tool to inspire you kids to love yoga as well as healthy fruits and vegetables.

Turn it into a Story

For young kids, simple fun is one of the best introductions to the yoga practice. Turn yoga time into story time by using fun kid-friendly poses like cat pose, partner boat, tabletop, camel, and tree pose to weave grand tales of adventure. Can a cat hop on a boat that takes her to a grand feast where she meets a camel stuck in a tree?

Of course, helping kids develop a meaningful relationship with yoga is about more than imitating animals with asanas; it’s also about helping them find sanctuary in the practice. Stories are a great point of entry for getting your littles into yoga.

Chi Universe

Chi Universe is a super fun app, yoga mat and game all in one. Timothy loves to follow the app to learn proper alignment along with the playful symbols on his mat which create a “map” to guide him in the postures. Poses interconnect to create sequences of moves. The game format makes Yoga simple and easy to learn for kids. The mat comes in two sizes so kids and parents can practice alongside each other.

Timothy hung his poster that came with the mat in his room and we all have a blast playing the Flow & Phreeze Game, Breakdance Phreezes, and Breathing Game. There is also a free video and playing cards that illustrate eery pose, as well as a digital version of the card game available on the Apple app store.

I hope these tips, tricks, and tools help you and your littles kick off a great 2020. Yoga is a great resource and the sooner you can get your kids into it the sooner they will reap all the benefits.

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