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I love the holidays more than even and especially with kids! My boys just have so much fun; and waking up on Christmas morning is just the best. I love to make it special for my kids by getting gifts that bring us closer together and help them grow and learn. I think the best gift you can give your kids is attention and presence and actual presents are just icing on the cake.

Here are some really cool ideas for the little (and bigger) ones in your life.

Laser Chess 


This isn’t your usual chess game! Kids get the opportunity to learn about mirrors, light, reflection, and refraction with this game. Similar to chess, the end goal is to take your opponents’ king piece, however, you go about it by creating pathways for a laser! This strategic game is a ton of fun, perfect for kids of any age.

My First Math Dice 


The ideal gift for any budding mathematicians! This game turns simple math into a fun game. I love that this comes with a travel bag, making it the perfect learning game for on the go. It’s also a great tool to help build math confidence in younger children.

Block Chain – Pirates

This BlockChain is an awesome brain teaser! The cubes can be expanded and rearranged to make a variety of face combinations as your kids work to discover the correct solution. Each chain comes with 3 different puzzles/levels to play with – it’s a fun and unique brain exercise. This one is pirate-themed, but there is also robots and unicorns – something for every kid!

Cold Case: A Story to Die For or A Pinch of Murder 

Whether you opt for “A Story to Die For” or “A Pinch of Murder” this is the perfect detective game for the teens in your life. Put their logic and problem-solving skills to the test with a mystery that needs to be solved. These kits come with everything you need – from witness statements to handwritten notes – to solve a mock crime. It can be played alone or with a group!

ChiUniverse Kid’s Yoga Mat

My boys seriously LOVE these yoga mats. Strategically placed symbols help them learn where to place their hands and feet for different yoga postures. You can download an app that helps you progress into different poses – it makes yoga a fun challenge and a learning experience. Truth be told, my kids already have this mat – and I have the adult size! – but we have so much fun together, I just had to share.

Holiday shopping for kids always brings out the kid in me. I absolutely love watching my boy’s open gifts on Christmas morning. Children of all ages are always so excited to open presents – it’s infectious. Hopefully, this gift guide gave you some ideas on what to grab for the kiddos in your life this year. Happy shopping!

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