Keto Diet Is Beneficial For Kids Health, Find Out How

Keto Diet Is Beneficial For Kids Health, Find Out How

Low carb, high fat: that’s a keto diet. It reduces carbohydrate intake and more fat to put your body in a metabolic state, called ketosis. It’s the kind of diet prescribed by doctors to achieve better health for children and cope with some illnesses. Here’s a list of its benefits for your offspring:

Keto Diet May Enable The Child To Focus

Researchers found out that aside from improving epilepsy symptoms in children, keto diet can also improve ADHD symptoms. They have observed that children with ADHD showed increased ability to focus. They also  become less hyperactive as well as attention deficit problems.

Kids Cognitive Functioning May Improve With Keto Diet

Cognitive impairment in children may be caused by injuries, diseases, genetic condition or brain abnormality, affecting skills like communication, self-help and social skills.

Epileptic patients suffer such condition, but putting them into a keto diet enables them to manage seizures. More so, it may bring in behavioural improvements in attention span as well as social functioning.

Kids Become Less Moody When Under A Keto Diet

Researchers found out that kids who were put into ketogenic diet become more active, productive and experience less anxiety and mood swings. This is because low carb and high fat diet like keto induces quality sleep which when otherwise would show oppositional conduct, higher asthma severity and ADHD symptoms.

Keto Can Give Good Nutrition To Kids

Since keto diet foods should mainly come from whole grains, fresh fruits and dairy, and not from sugar-containing food like cakes, candies, soda and ice cream, they help in the proper growth and development especially promoting healthy weight in children. Whole grains, like brown or red rice, digest faster and prevents frequent hunger.

Babies Are Keto fed Too!

Yes, babies who are breastfed are getting the majority of calories they take from the fat of their mom’s milk. Breast Milk contains antibodies that fight off viruses and bacteria, lowering baby’s risk of allergies and asthma attack. Further, babies who are breastfed experience fewer ear infection, respiratory diseases and diarrhea, making babies grow healthy, tall and strong.

Ketogenic Foods That Children Enjoy

Some of the the many keto foods that you can replace in children’s afternoon snacks are keto pigs in a blanket, crispy cheddar cauli tots, keto chicken tenders, 3-ingredient paleo crackers, smoky tuna pickle boats, broccoli cheese nugget, and some candies like low carb jello pops, jello roll ups and keto fathead sugar cookies. Focus on whole foods, good sources of protein, good fat, and acquire carbs from nutrient-dense food sources.

Have you ever had your kids undergo a specific diet? Or you are like the typical pampering parent who just lets kids enjoy all the foods they want because you believe that they can deserve to take in anything and everything freely all they want while they’re young?  But if you’re the kind of parent who is contemplating on putting your child into the healthiest diet, then keto might be the best.


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