How To Keep A Child Safe At The Playground

Playgrounds are used by children every day to have fun and to learn new skills. From climbing, swinging, sliding to running around, your child can be active while having fun. While playgrounds are fun and exciting for children to play in, there are some things parents need to be on the lookout for to keep their children safe while playing. For those who want to keep their children safe at the playground, the following is an expert guide on how you can do just that.

playground-691129_960_720 Best Ways To Keep Your Child Safe While Playing

Check The Weather Before Playing

One thing to watch out for when taking your children to the playground is the weather. If it’s been raining, or is raining and the equipment is wet, it can increase the risk of your child slipping over and falling as the equipment becomes too slippery to play on.

Another thing to watch out for is lightning. Children shouldn’t be playing in an active lightning storm as the metal play equipment can become a conductor for the lightning.

In hot weather, it’s also important to check the equipment before playing. If the playground and metal areas are in direct sunlight it can cause injury and burns to their hands and feet. Instead look for playgrounds that have shade over the equipment as this will help to reduce the heat build-up of the metal.

Choose Playground Equipment That’s Age Appropriate

Many parents allow their children to have full run of the playground, however while this is ok, it’s still important to choose which equipment is best suited to their age group and their current motor skills.

There are some playgrounds which are suited for younger children and toddlers and others that are for older children. If you allow your child to play at a playground that’s not suited to their age, the risk of falling increases greatly.

Swings especially can cause injury if the wrong aged child swings in the wrong seat. For younger children, make sure to use a baby swing or bucket swing seat with a chain latch to secure them in place.

Supervise Your Children At All Times

No matter what age they are, it’s important to supervise your children at all times. Whether you’re at the playground or the baby store, supervision is always important. You may be tempted to use you phone while they play, however this distraction may stop you from noticing something suspicious. You don’t want to find out that your child has wandered off or that a stranger has lured them away. Keep an eye on them at all time. Instead, sit back, relax and enjoy watching your children play. Remember they only stay young once, so enjoy them at this age while you can.

Talk To Your Children About Stranger Danger

While the playground is generally a great place to have some fun and family time, it’s still important to talk to your children about stranger danger. Setup rules and explain to your children about what to do if they encounter an adult stranger talking to them. Some things you can say include, but isn’t limited to:

  • If someone you don’t know comes up to you and asks whether you want to see something interesting, you need to first ask mom or dad first.
  • Never go with anyone you don’t know, even if they said mom and dad says it’s ok, it’s not ok.
  • If someone talks to you, don’t talk to them and come straight to mum and dad.
  • If anyone grabs you or tries to take you somewhere, scream for help as loud as you can.

Starting early with the stranger danger is important to keep your children safe in life and at the playground.

network-539757_960_720 Talk To Your Children About Playground Rules

Every playground may have some dangers which may not be as evident to younger children as what it is to adults. Give your children the rundown of the rules. These may include:

  • Make sure your child shares with other children at the playground.
  • Watch out for other children before swinging or sliding.
  • Use the equipment properly and in the right manner.
  • Setup boundaries of where your child can go and where they can’t go.

Having rules in place is a great way to keep your child safe and to make the playground a safer place.


Playing at the playground is something that every child should experience. By taking your time to understand how to keep your child safe while playing, you and your children will have a more pleasant experience. Are you ready to take your children to the playground?

Bio – Caroline Kastner

Caroline Kastner is a mother and loves her children greatly. She’s passionate about children’s safety and enjoys writing and blogging about her experiences and advice in these matters. She enjoys working with other active mothers, and has blogged for Active Baby in the past. In her spare time she loves spending time with her children.




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