JUIL shoes giveaway!

506_ONE_SIZE_IMAGE_38477 All Spring and Summer long, I live in my JUIL sandals. I have at least 5 pairs. I am so sad it’s winter time now and I will have to retire them until next Spring. Juil’s are seriously the most comfortable and stylish sandals I own. I was beyond thrilled when Juil rolled out a line of ballet flats and now they have an entire Fall shoe line. I am dying for a pair of the LELO grey boots to wear over my yoga tights and with jeans all winter long. I know they will be as comfy as all of the other Juil’s I own and they look so stylish for NYC winters.

The thing that makes Juil so cool is the copper lined soles that really have a grounding effect when you wear them. I often talk about lining one self up with the energy of the earth at the beginning of each yoga class. I find it so important to stay connected and present off the mat as well as on the mat. I remind myself when I’m wearing my Juil’s to feel that sense of peace and stability with every step I take. Life is meant to be a moving meditation and the more in tune we are with each moment, the more joy we have every day!

The best present we can give our selves and others this holiday season is our presence. Every time you stop and notice your breath and feel the connection with the universe and others, you feel more alive and receptive. We practice yoga barefoot so we can root down in to the earth and let the energy rise up in us. Wearing Juil’s is as close as you can get to being barefoot when you have shoes on. My kind friends at Juil so graciously offered to give away a pair of their shoes to one lucky fan of mine. Let me know in the comments below why you would love a pair of Juil as well as how you stay grounded during the holiday season.

Make sure to follow and like Juil as well and leave comments for both of us on our social channels–the more the merrier! By the end of the week I will announce a winner so stay tuned.





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13 thoughts on “JUIL shoes giveaway!”

  • So many people rave about Juil, and I would love to have a pair of my own! I stay grounded this time of year by remembering what the season is really about and not getting distracted by all of the materialism. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Kristin!

  • I’d love a pair of Juil shoes because I’ve been lusting after them since the first time I saw you post about them!

    I stay grounded during the holiday season by taking time each morning for myself – I meditate, write a few pages in my journal with some hot lemon water, and then do a few sun salutations before the hustle and bustle of the day.

  • Oh I need new boots SO bad!!! These sound really cool! This year I’m staying grounded by not getting tied up in gift giving, saying no where we can (or want to!), and using my vacation days at work to do things I’ve been putting off.

  • I keep myself grounded, literally, every time I leave my apartment because living and working in NYC means I walk, walk, walk everywhere I go! Having a pair of JUIL boots would mean I have sassy and supported feet, making me one of the luckiest gals on the planet!

  • I would love a pair of Juil because you make them sound so comfortable. I stay grounded during the holiday season with quet time and contemplation.

  • I would LOVE a pair of Juils! I read about the importance of grounding and the scientific research that went into these shoes, and I have been eagerly wanting a pair for months! I did a chakra test and know that my root chakra is out of whack, so these would benefit me immensely. To stay grounding during this hectic season, I practice yoga and self care through meditation and relaxation practices.

  • I’d love a pair of Juil since I have never tried on or owned a pair of them and they look so comfy.
    I stay grounded by making time for myself and by continuing with my exercise routine.

  • I have a pair of their sandals and ballet flats and LOVE them. I’ve been eyeing their boots since I can’t wear my others in winter with all the snow and cold. I stay grounded in the hectic holiday season by getting in my exercise and enough sleep. We also keep in the spirit of why we celebrate Christmas and don’t go crazy with our boys for gift giving. We do a lot of baking and give out to friends, family, the mail carrier, and our bank. Happy Holidays!

  • I’ve been wanting a pair of Juils for a while now. They look so comfortable! I actually just tried on a pair of their flats the other day and they were really nice and exactly what I need because I had ankle surgery last year and can only wear comfy shoes from now on.

  • I have been eyeing the Juil brand for months. I’ve read about the benefits of grounding and copper in shoes, and I would love to try them out to help me with my unsteady (at times) gait and balance. I also could use a nice boost of rooting to keep me centered and balanced.

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