Guest Post: My Journey to a Spiritual Way

Looking back at my past, I have come a long way. Now, not only do I have physical stability; but also mental stability. My endurance level has increased and I don’t get sick as often. I am leading a very healthy life. There was a time, though, when I thought my life was on the verge of its end.

Four years ago, I felt I was at my peak in life. I had a beautiful understanding, girlfriend. I had a good paying job. We lived in a very good apartment. Then, one day I woke up with a horrible backache. I ignored the pain and carried on with my life for almost two and a half weeks, until one day I couldn’t move at all. My girlfriend took me to a doctor, where I was told that my spine had some bulging discs in the L-4, L-5 region (lower back). I was shocked, I have never had a back pain before. My doctor discussed some options with me about how to treat my bulging discs, which included both operative and non-operative options.

My options were not looking good. I had never dreamed of going under the knife for any kind of procedures. So I decided to go with other options. These options included exercises, yoga, stretches to relieve back pain and to a change in my lifestyle. I chose to start doing yoga as it is the key to finding balance in your physical and spiritual connection. I selected some simple yoga poses to start with and found some spiritual readings to help with my mindset. Anyone with back pain knows it can really make you depressed. I set a goal of 15 mins daily in morning and in the evening after work.

The first 10 days were difficult for me, as I was not very active in my life. Doing a simple mountain pose took me a week to perfect. I started to keep a record of all the changes I was making and how my lifestyle was improving. The first obvious change was my posture. I work daily from 9 to 5 at an office and sometimes when the workload is more, I tend to bring work home. My shoulders were always hunched over and my neck a little slouched. After 15 days there was a visible change in how I sat, my posture started to get better. I found peace in my day to day life. My backache started to lessen with every day I practiced yoga.

I also incorporated a healthy diet and added more greens as I eliminated soda. My skin started to clear up. The occasional breakouts that I got every now and then lessened and my skin started to glow. I could literally feel every pore on my body breathing clean air. I gained flexibility and core strength in a month. I got addicted to doing yoga every other day, making it four times a week. I started adding more challenging postures; and I made sure to drink 2.5 liters of water a day.

Changing my lifestyle and adding yoga to it changed me for better. I can now think clearly, I don’t get as frustrated, and my sleep is much better than it used to be. I wake up refreshed and my backache is gone for good. My progress at my work and in my other activities have increased tremendously. Doing yoga opened me up to all the different possibilities one can choose in life.

I have a community with me now, we help each other learn and grow. There are many different styles of yoga one can follow, even while sitting on a chair, you can sneak in 10 minutes a day. Yoga is always about finding balance in your life. It helps you to grow and become stronger mentally and physically. It helps you to link your mind and your body spiritually. You become one with the universe and reconnect with your surrounding nature. You breathe in a pure energy that is always available to you. Most importantly, I’m happy I could heal my body on my own and live a happier, healthier, pain free life.

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