Joolz Stroller: The Most Perfect Stroller Ever!

Living in NYC requires having some of the best baby gear possible. Manhattan is a walking city and it’s crucial to have a good stroller that can handle all terrains, bump down steps, fit through tiny doors, get on and off the subway easily with and of course look stylish when pushing! In recent years, strollers have really gotten an upgrade. The famous Bugaboo stroller with it’s thousand dollar sticker price became all of the rage in New York City in early 2000 and it would be impossible not to see someone pushing one down the street. My first stroller after having Timothy was a passed down Bugaboo from a good friend of mine. I really was impressed with how great of stroller it was and could see why it grew in popularity so quickly. The Bugaboo was considered the Mercedes Benz of strollers so to speak; but now may not be worth the price.

Soon after Bugaboo’s debut, other companies started coming out with competition. When I got pregnant with twins, the stroller market was full of choices, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do about a double stroller. I was gifted a Bugaboo Donkey double stroller before Robert and William were born and it was truly beautiful, but highly impractical for our apartment. The stroller was too wide to fit through our front door and could barely make it in to the elevator.

So after more research, I came upon a super stylish, incredibly practical, ideal stroller for a twin mama like myself. The Joolz is a premium award winning Dutch designed stroller that’s easy to maneuver, narrow enough to fit through any doors, made with heavy duty wheels that can roll over any terrain and completely twin proof. The bassinets are stackable so the babies can ride bunkbed style. They are secure and snug which makes the babies feel safe and cozy when they are in them. Joolz makes beautifully designed organic blankets and swaddles to go inside the bassinets as well. I’m currently using the Joolz with the bassinets up until the boys are six months. After that, the Joolz comes with seats for the boys in the same stacking fashion. I also love that I can use just one seat or bassinet and use a basket on bottom for groceries and such. It’s incredible the amount of configurations possible with my Joolz Geo2 Twin stroller.

Fool proof, the Joolz makes it easy by color coding all the knobs that act as buttons to release the bassinets or seats from the base. When the seats are on the base the entire thing can actually still fold down which makes it awesome for travel. The Joolz comes in six different colors, noir, graphite, gris, elephant grey, hippo grey and parrot blue. The adjustable handle is clad in a sleek faux leather. One of my favorite features is the grip on the front of the stroller for easy lifting.

I can’t recommend the Joolz enough. It’s well worth the price and still more affordable than many of the other high end strollers. The stroller is one size fits all. Moms with one child can start with the mono design. Moms with kids of varying ages can use the duo, and moms like myself with multiples will absolutely love the Joolz Geo2 twin.

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