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Taking your yoga practice off the mat is crucial at this time in our lives. We are all connected and can truly make a difference if we take the yogic principles and apply them everywhere. Making contact, being aware, leading from a place of centeredness, learning to stop and breath instead of react, and developing loving kindness for ourselves and others are all things we practice in yoga. Imagine how peaceful the world could be if we all practiced yoga on and off the mat?! 

YOGA IS has curated the best-of-the-best classes and tools from your most beloved teachers, allowing you to show up for your friends, family, yourself, and our global community in the most loving and mindful ways. I am proud to have led a “Yoga for Happiness” class as well as share my thoughts on how yoga is a natural anti-depressant for YOGA IS.

When we connect our mind and body through our breath, we feel centered and strong in a loving compassionate way. The first thing we need to do in order to tap in to our body is to make contact. When we anchor our seat in to the earth and join our hands together in front of our hearts, we feel at peace and supported. When we stop and look at someone in the eye or shake their hands or give a big hug, we also feel supported. 

Yoga helps us feel centered when we are being pulled in so many directions. In order to be happy we need to be present. Living in the past leads to depression, living in the future brings too much anxiety. Living in the now, brings peace and contentment. The more at peace we are within, the easier it is to be kind to others. Feeling frazzled or off center can lead to anger and unhappiness.

I want my boys and my friends and family to feel safe and loved and part of a larger community. I want to spread happiness as much as I possibly can. The only way I can be a beacon of light though is to love myself first and foremost. Yoga has taught me time and time again to treat myself with love and kindness. When I tap in to my breath and feel compassion for myself, I treat people the same way. I can lead from a place of true self and my gut instinct is kindness not reactive anger or frustration.

I really hope you’ll dive further in to your practice and hear more about what I have to say on yoga for happiness and then practice with me! You can also find the perfect class and the perfect tools to keep your vibrations high throughout your day. Yoga IS is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Get one full-year access to the New 2017 Yoga IS Online Festival and the entire Yoga IS Online library of teachings all in one place including: 60+ new classes from 30+ new teachers, PLUS hundreds of yoga & meditation classes with the world’s leading yoga teachers & wellness luminaries.  


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