Join Me Monday’s for Fit4Mom Classes in Central Park!

I’m such a lucky mom to have a wonderful sidekick! Timothy Grayson has been accompanying me on my teaching escapades. I have some pretty incredible clients who let me wear baby Gray on me in the Bjorn. Often times he sleeps through the session, other times he’s fully awake, and sometimes I even have to nurse him as I lead my student through her yoga postures or abdominal work. I’m super blessed to have a job that allows me so much flexibility and the chance to still be with my precious little boy. 

fit4mom 2 I’ve also found another great way to teach and be with Grayson. Manhattan’s Fit4Mom (formerly Stroller Strides) owner is my friend Laura Kovall, a mother to 18 month old Sophia. Laura was also looking for the opportunity to be with her daughter, stay in shape and connect with other moms. Knowing my back round of teaching for over 15 years and also a yoga student of mine at Reebok, she asked me if I wanted to start teaching a class on Mondays at 930am in Central Park. 

fit4mom 3 Moms to kids of all ages (ranging from 6 weeks old to 2 or older) all meet across from Bethesda Fountain with their babies and strollers in tow. The workouts are geared towards mother’s who want a solid workout and to get back in to shape (or stay in great shape). Everything from running drills to side shuffles pushing the strollers, burpees on the park benches, push-ups, planks, squats, lunges, tabata drills and more are incorporated. I like to add standing core work and barre type movements using the stroller for balance. At the end everyone moves to the lawn and does some yoga, abs and stretching and often the babies join in!

fit4mom So far I’ve co taught some classes with Laura and this coming Monday will be my official start. If you or anyone you know is a mom and lives in Manhattan make sure you share this with her. Classes and prices are all listed here. The first class is free for any mom who buys a package as well.


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