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taru insta poster 2 We are living in a pretty amazing time in history.

Whether we love her, or not, we have our first female presidential candidate. The world is changing, and it just might be true, as the newly popularized 1970’s t-shirt slogan says, that, The Future is Female.

There is a necessary paradigm shift occurring. One that is taking us away from a traditional linear mindset, and into a more feminine, receptive worldview.

This is good news, because, it not only moves us into a time of deep healing, but into a reality where life moves with more grace, and less effort. Receptivity helps us to flow with life, guided by the compass of our inner knowing.

From where we stand now, in our current cultural climate, we might agree, that life has been challenging enough, we could all use more peace.

In celebration of the healing power of movement, and the rebirth of an age where we are connected to our divinely feminine receptivity, I have joined forces with Find the Midline Pilates, to create for you, Taru. Taru, a 4 day retreat/festival being held in the Western Catskill Mountains, from August 25 – 28th.

Along with a host of other wonderful leaders, I will help guide you, so that you will,

~ Never again, be separated, from the clear voice of your inner truth.
~Be at one with your body, cultivating a harmonious, congruous, relationship with it for life.
~Drop negative self- talk.
~Learn to find flow in your life, so that you can live with ease.

For more details visit :

Because we want more women, just like you, to share in this magic with us, if you purchase now, you will receive 15% off, as well as a 30 minute complimentary session in our Healing Village with promo code, LOVE .

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