Jennie-O Turkey Giveaway!!!

Jennie-O Turkey Giveaway!!!

jennie-o-harvest_menu_final_resized This is my first Thanksgiving hosting in NYC! With my twin boys on the way any time between end of November and early December, I can’t travel for the holiday. My older brother and his wife and their kids are all coming to visit us, and I am so excited to see them; but a bit nervous to cook a Thanksgiving feast.

Thank goodness my friend told me about Jennie-O’s Oven Ready whole turkey. It is so perfect for a first time host like myself or even a seasoned chef who wants to make entertaining easier. The turkey goes straight from the freezer to the oven with minimal prep, no thawing and no handling of raw poultry (which is especially important for a preggers mama like me). I’ve seen my mom master a turkey like a pro and scoop out all of the insides, etc.; but I don’t quite have the stomach to handle that. As a yogi who sways more towards veggies (with the occasional animal protein), the idea of cooking a Jennie-O oven ready turkey for my family is ideal.

The Jennie-O website is a great resource for recipes, how to’s and other meal ideas past Thanksgiving.
Holiday & Events Page: This year first time hosts like myself won’t need to worry about calling a holiday help line (or my mom over and over again). I found so many yummy side dish recipes here like the butternut squash and sweet potato casserole; and the make ahead goat cheese mashed potatoes. There’s also useful information like how to rub a turkey, cook a turkey and carve a turkey.

Thanksgiving Day Menus: Thanksgiving Day holiday hosting responsibilities become a breeze with this array of menu ideas. Everything from gluten free options to make ahead ideas is on the website. I love the easy to make desserts, and delicious gravy recipes.  I love the left over menu idea too!

JENNIE-O turkey products are a great source of protein for all seasons, meal occasions and for both adults and kids alike. And they generously are offering a FREE turkey for one of my readers!!! If you want to enter to win leave a comment below or shout out to me on social media. I am so excited to share one of these with you!



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