Japa Mala Bead Giveaway!

I can get quite busy and stressed some days and completely forget to take time to reflect on all that I am grateful for. Mala beads are a string of beads traditionally used in meditation; and they serve as a beautiful reminder of our intentions. I have a gorgeous handmade mala necklace made of larimar and moonstone from Japa mala beads. I wear it to remind myself to slow down and take in all that I appreciate in my life.

Larimar brings peace and calm and is known for it’s ability to cultivate gratitude. By easing the feeling of needing to be in control of every little thing, it helps ground me in the present moment with peace and gratefulness. Moonstone is said to bring good luck and grants wishes. Moonstone is also good for soothing and balancing emotions. When I’m feeling overwhelmed (which is often these days with three kids four years and under!), I rub my fingers over the beads and take deep full breaths. There are also times I hold my beads while meditating and count them and my blessings one by one.

In honor of the holidays and finding time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, I’ve partnered with Japa Mala beads to give away one Larimar and Moonstone Full Mala!

• Japa Mala Beads is one of the oldest mala makers in the US and has been making and importing mala beads since 2004.
• Japa’s unique malas are “designed by an artist and strung by a yogi.”
• Most of their beautiful mala beads are handmade in the USA using only 100% genuine gemstones.
• They use the strongest stringing materials available and have one of the best breakage guarantees in the business–108 days!
• They have over 160 different mala bead designs available plus over 30 types of mala bags and boxes to store malas or use to gift them.
• They are dedicated to operating an eco-conscious company. Almost all of the packing and shipping materials are made from recycled materials and since 2007 they have been a carbon neutral business.
• Based in Asheville, NC, Asheville has one of the most concentrated number of healing energy vortices and power points anywhere in this country…over 24 major ones!

If you want an opportunity to win, make sure to comment below as well as on my instagram giveaway! Good luck and THANK YOU for being a part of my life.

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9 thoughts on “Japa Mala Bead Giveaway!”

  • Dear Kristin!

    Firstly, thank you so much for your instruction of yoga & Pilates!
    I have been aware of so many important things to live my life through your instruction.
    It’s almost a year since I came across you through Health.com.
    The first yoga that you introduced I saw online was interesting one because its theme was for having a better sex.
    Since then, I have practiced, strengthened by yoga & Pilates that you instruct online almost everyday 🙂
    (I’m doing this everyday! https://youtu.be/b4CFIz4erqw )
    The more I continue doing it, stronger the muscles and core I certainly feel.
    Through the practice, I am being more confident, feeling more comfortable in my body, feeling that I’m beautiful inside & outside, feeling gratitudes… so many things have been taught by your yoga & Pilates and your words!
    I have been more thankful, mindful, caring, fearless, healthier & happier thanks to you.
    Plus, recently I’m impressed the power of smiles that you do to encourage us to ease off when it’s at the hardest part we normally want to give up at.
    Since I noticed the importance and how smiley face works, I’m being smiley everyday which makes my day brighter!
    So having met your instruction on the Internet have completely altered my life upside down 🙂
    Happier, healthier me can radiate my positive energy, beauty, strength, faith, compassion and love to others.

    There are motherly friends in Moscow, Idaho I sometimes go to see them.
    I have already decided to send them your Chair Yoga books for this Xmas gift, for it is very useful!
    We can read it but we can move our bodies – it’s so much fun!
    Definitely they’ll love it 🙂

    — I’m from Nagasaki, Japan. Originally from Hirado city, Nagasaki.
    There’s a symbolic scenery of the city – a scene of the unity of a temple and a church. That’s apparently rare to see.
    So that is the symbol of peace, friendship, respect both (every) cultures… both can sit in one scene.
    I am very proud of it, and the spirit is in me. So I really feel comfortable to be with people from many countries.

    Thank you so much for finding me/ inspiring me that your instruction has helped to enhance the quality of my life physically & mentally to eventually love one another.

    The one of my dreams to make it happen is to see you in New York. Maybe when you’ll be holding an event, maybe at a yoga class, I don’t know yet. But I love to tell you my gratitude in person!
    Maybe I might ask you for your autograph on your book.
    I’m looking forward to making my dream come true accordingly.

    Wishing you a wonderful holidays, Kristin (and everyone out there!)
    (Oh the first Christmas for your twins! Happy holidays little baby boys and Timothy, too!)
    Thank you!!

    Best regards,

    • OH thank you SOO Much you made my day! I really hope you can make it to NYC and I can do yoga with you. I would love that! I really appreciate your support more than you know.


  • Your postings are always upbeat and inspiring. I, like so many, strive to be a better person and live a healthy lifestyle. Your words and pictures are now part of my way to accomplish those changes. Thank you for talking with – and helping – us each day.

  • Oooooo! I’ve read that Larimar is a wonderful stone for birthing and for mother’s. My wee boy should be here by Christmas.

    I’ve been dreaming of owning a mala necklace for the last year, but finding a quality mala at a justifiable price isn’t as easy a find as you’d think. So, fingers crossed! Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

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