iPhone 5 Charge

iPhone 5 Charge

iPhone 5 I’ve had my iPhone 5 for quite a while now and I get so frustrated that it never keeps a charge. I think many people have my same issue because I often see people sitting in Starbucks, at the airport, in the dentist office reception area, you name it, with their iPhone plugged in to the wall. Other’s try to remedy the problem by carrying an extra charger case for it like the mophie, which my husband bought me; but I find it so bulky I kinda quit using it. I can never remember to bring my charger with me and half the time I’m asking if someone has a charger I can borrow (like I did at last week’s Health magazine shoot). When I get home, I plug it in immediately and then find I’m frustrated glued to the area it’s being charged in to check my messages. Making a phone call while it’s plugged in is the most annoying thing ever!

The other morning as I sat down to teach class (this is when I usually get my little bursts of insights and somehow start saying things that really resonate with me and are things I personally am trying to work on.), I actually started speaking up for my iPhone 5. I mentioned my frustration; but then said in reality, nothing should be forced to be “on” all the time.  I can totally understand why the poor thing needs a break and how it can lose it’s battery so quickly because it’s working hard to provide so much information constantly. It’s also a wake up call for all of us who are pretty much  available and “on”all the time as well. It’s nice to have to put the damn thing away, plug it in, walk away and get off line and on life.

I think it’s ironic that the 5th in the series is the one that has the problem of staying juiced up. It may be a sign that everything needs a little break, it could be that it was even designed that way on purpose, although I doubt it. I’ve heard the iPhone 6 has a much longer battery life. My husband is so excited to get the new iphone; but I’m dragging my feet. I may just stick with my iPhone 5 and use it as a reminder to step away and recharge my own battery. I like the idea of having to leave it at home plugged in to an outlet while Timothy and I go outside and play and take in the sunshine while we can. I like having to give up on trying to post something on instagram or Facebook because my battery dies in the middle of it.

It’s such a tricky thing to do; but living on and through the iPhone isn’t really being connected. One has to make contact with oneself and others to truly make a connection and feel a real relationship and be fully engaged. Timothy can 100% tell when I’m distracted with my iPhone. And I’m starting to realize how texting is not the best way of communication. So much gets lost and misread in a text and even an email. Numerous studies have proven that writing instead of typing boosts memory and affects our brains differently. I’ve made it a goal to write in my gratitude journal daily and I want to start speaking more on the phone with my loved ones and friends; or even better in person! Next time you’re out to lunch or dinner or meeting up with someone and your iPhone has died, count your blessings, keep the screen turned off, and stay connected to the amazing person you’re with, the world around you, and the moment you’re in. Instagram or your iPhone camera could never capture that as well as your own memory and experience.


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