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I’ve been practicing yoga since the early nineties and teaching since 1997. The landscape certainly has changed since my first introduction to yoga. There are thousands more people doing yoga now then there were in the 90’s, so of course the yoga legging industry exploded. This explosion also brougt more gadgets to enhance the practice. All I needed when I started  was a comfortable pair of yoga pants, a yoga mat, and maybe a block or strap.

Fast forward to today, there are so many new inventions on the market for the yoga community. I love trying out a few new things; and I think innovation is awesome! Here are a few new cool things I want to share with you:

Innovative Yoga Products I love

Corc Yoga Mat–Did you know very early yogis (yoga originated over 5000 years ago) didn’t even use mats?   Hugger Mugger manufactued the the first rubber yoga mats in the 1990s. Corc yoga mat is the first mat to be made out of cork trees. They are sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. They are non-slip, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. I personally love how lightweight it is. Over 50% of cork’s volume is air, so this mat is super easy for me to tote anywhere!

Plexus Yoga wheel–One of my favorite new inventions is the plexus yoga wheel. The wheel designed to help extend range of motion and unlock new poses. I use it for ab work, heart opening and to practice floating up in to handstands. The wheel is a round 6″, 10″ or 12″ circle surrounded by mat like padding that can be placed under the spine and used to increase blood flow to that area, open up tight areas and strengthen the core. Checkout of their new Kickstarter campaign so that you can get your hands on one.

Indo Yoga Board–The Indo Yoga Board is designed to take yoga to the next level by moving it onto an unstable environment. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga or Paddle Board Yoga has become super popular; but not all people live near the water.  The Indo Yoga Board allows for all yoga enthusiasts to experience this new form of yoga without the need for a stand up paddle board, a body of water or perfect weather. A unique feature of the Indo Yoga Board is the ability to vary the level of instability with the use of the airy cushions you place strategically underneath it, to accommodate users of all abilities from beginners to advanced yogis.

More Innovative Yoga Products

Carpe–Many yogi’s, especially men, can complain of sweaty palms and sliding on their mat. There are mats that try and fix the slippery problem as well as towels you can put over your mat if you tend to sweat a lot; and now there’s even an antiperspirant lotion for hands and feet. Carpe was originally designed for people with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), but it’s gentle enough for everyday use by people who naturally have sweaty hands and feet. The hand version of the product is a great grip aid for the gym, tennis and yoga.

Feet Up Trainer–Another one of my favorite new inventions is the feet up trainer. I personally LOVE to go upside down and could do a headstand daily. Many of my students are afraid to invert. The feet up trainer is a safe, easy way for all yogis to go upside down. I like that it is compact and elegantly designed. Now anyone who wants to try a headstand with out fear of compressing their neck or hurting themselves, can!

So what are your favorite yoga props? Have you tried any of the above mentioned yet? I’d love to know what you think of these new inventions and which one you’d love to have!

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