Inside Scoop on a Health Shoot

Inside Scoop on a Health Shoot

Last Friday I did another round of shots for the next 5 “Magic Yoga Moves” for Health Magazine. I woke up bright and early and packed a suitcase full of clothing options. I taught a private at 630am then my 830am class at Clay and then one more up at Reebok at 1030am. I packed a PB&J and ate it on the subway on my way down to Shoot Digital for my photo shoot.

First thing when I get there, I go through wardrobe options with the stylist, Christine, and the production coordinator, Tara. I try on numerous Fila sports bras, yoga tanks, pants, shorts, etc. until we come up with 5 great options. Then, it’s on to hair and make up with Suzanne–one of my fav parts! Click on this link to watch us at work. I love getting pampered and having my hair done and seeing the transformation once my make up is on. I always run around without any make up on most days; but I need to start using at least a little mascara and blush after seeing how make up really can help bring out our best features.

Finally, we start shooting. It always takes a few test shots before we’re good to go with each outfit and each series of moves. It’s such fun work and it always flies by. It can be grueling holding certain poses for minutes at a time; but it’s also a great challenge. I’m usually a little sore the next day from being in certain positions for long periods and only doing one side of many sequences. I love taking a good restorative yoga class to balance everything back out.

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