I’m Nuts about NuttZo!

I’ve never met a nut or nut butter I don’t like. I love almond butter brown rice wraps for lunch, I think peanut butter on toast with banana and honey is the bomb, cashew butter on flax crackers with sliced pears is a great afternoon treat and pecan butter in celery sticks is quite tasty. You can add nut butters to oatmeals, muffin recipes, protein shakes and use in chicken and shrimp stir fries or as coating for baked tofu dishes. I will never pass up a homemade pb & j with raspberry jam.

NuttZo When I recently tried NuttZo, a blend of 100% organic nuts and seeds, I felt like I had discovered nut butter heaven–this stuff is GOOD! NuttZo has no added sugar, no hydrogenated oils, is a complete protein, vegan and full of heart healthy Omega 3 ALAs.

NuttZo on waffles NuttZo’s original is a blend of peanuts, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and hazelnuts. I love the texture, it’s smooth yet crunchy. You’ll bite in to tiny ground up pieces of real nuts or catch a flax seed here and there. It can be substituted in any of your favorite nut butter recipes and it’s delicious on whole grain waffles with fresh fruit and honey or a drizzle of maple syrup.

I can’t wait to experiment with some healthy cookie recipes with NuttZo. Here’s an awesome recipe my dear friend, Jesse, sent me for Peanut Butter balls. I’m going to try them using NuttZo.

pb-balls-5 1 cup real peanut butter or NuttZo!

2 T honey (or agave nectar)

½ – 1 cup oats or whole grain cereal (brown rice crispies, kashi go lean, oat flakes, etc.)

¼ cup vanilla or chocolate whey or egg white protein powder

¼ – ½ cup chocolate chips (i’m going to experiment with dark cocoa nibs)

Mix all ingredients together. You can add extra protein powder if desired. Roll or spoon quarter sized balls onto parchment paper and place in a container and freeze (depending on how hard you like them).

NuttZo chocolates

Or how about some dark chocolate? Click here for an incredible recipe by Sara Vance that combines NuttZo with cacao powder and coconut oil to make some insanely tasty and healthy dark chocolate–perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s Day!

Danielle LiVosi, the president and founder of NuttZo, has such an amazing story behind her creation of the nutritious, delicious nut butter. She also founded a non-profit, Project Left Behind, and NuttZo is a proud supporter of it.

If you want to enter to win a jar of NuttZo, Follow and Like them and make sure you let me know on Twitter, FB or my website, when you do. Please share pictures and recipes with me (and NuttZo) of your favorite ways to eat nut butters and spreads. I have 10 jars to give away!

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