I am an official Nature Made Ambassador!


I just spent an incredible two days in sunny southern California learning all about vitamins and touring the Nature Made vitamin headquarters and factory. I am so proud to call myself an official Nature Made Ambassador and I’m excited to share everything I learned with you.

I’ve always taken vitamins and supplements and I think they are important. Even though, I eat a very healthy diet, I learned this past week that vitamins are like the glue that helps hold things together in our body. Vitamins fill the nutritional gaps in our diet and really help us stay on top of our overall health and well-being.

I arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday evening and was transported to my hotel in Woodland Hills (the Valley). I had an amazing tuna nicoise salad and treated myself to some strawberry haagen-dasz ice cream at the hotel restaurant. I got a good night sleep that evening so I could get up early the next day to meet the other Glam bloggers and get to the Nature Made headquarters.

Nature Made

I loved meeting all my fellow colleagues and when we arrived at the Nature Made headquarters early Thursday morning, we were all very comfortable with each other and ready for the day. We all sat around a big conference table and learned about the science, nutrition and backround of Nature Made’s newest vitamin line called VitaMelts.

We had a table full of the first 6 vitamins Nature Made is launching in this new unique, tasty, easy to carry, easy to take form. The VitaMelts are little pea size flat tablets that melt in your mouth and help you absorb the vitamins right away without having to take them with water. B-12 for energy production, Vitamin C for immune health and overall antioxidant support, Vitamin D for strong bones and muscles, Zinc for immune support and supporting stable blood glucose, Theanine (found in green tea) for relaxation and melatonin for sleep are in the line and Nature Made plans on developing more in the future.

I loved how each flavor really matched the function of the vitamin. Orange is an obvious flavor for Vitamin C. I loved the creativity for all of the others. The Vitamin D was a creamy vanilla flavor which reminds me of strong bones and that D helps our bones absorb calcium. The B-12 is a delicious berry flavored and pink like most vitamin B naturally is. Honey lemon makes perfect sense for the zinc. The chocolate mint melatonin was to die for and just like the little mint they leave on your hotel room pillow to remind you to have sweet dreams. Theanine is a mint green tea flavor.

After we heard from the experts, we left the Nature Made headquarters and travelled over to one of the actual Nature Made factories. I had no idea what to expect of a vitamin factory and I was really impressed. We all put on hairnets and lab coats, ear plugs and protective glasses. Our tour guide showed us how the vitamins come shipped to the plant and explained how each vitamin is of highest quality and from the most trusted sources.

The big bags of vitamins were then fed in to a machine that started them on an assembly line towards the final product. It was amazing to see the efficiency of the production–100 bottles can be filled per minute! At each stop along the line, there is quality control and if a bottle is mislabeled or the cap doesn’t seal correctly or the number in the bottle isn’t correct, there is a machine or person to fix the error. Nature Made is adamant about delivering a perfect product every time.

After the factory floor tour, we went behind the scenes and saw how the vitamins are actually made and developed. Jones, a chemist, for Nature Made showed us the laboratory they spend hours on end in developing just the right formula, shapes and consistency for each vitamin. It reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with all the beautiful jars full of different colored vitamins. I was so shocked to see baking ingredients such as blueberry pancake syrup, corn syrup, powdered sugar and other things as well. For certain gummy vitamins and chewables, it’s important to find the right binding that helps the vitamins taste good and absorb correctly.

VitaMelts The VitaMelts have no sugar in them; and are for the most part calorie free. They are packaged in the cutest little easy to carry containers. You no longer have to haul around a big clunky vitamin case, you can throw the little mint sized containers in your purse, pocket or gym bag and be set for the day. It’s also a great reminder to take the vitamins when you need to. I often run out the door in the morning so it’s nice to know I can have these with me all day long when I’m on the go. I also learned our bodies can only absorb so much at one time so it’s a great way to space your vitamins throughout the day.

That evening we all went out to a delicious meal near our hotel and the next day we were shuttled to LA to shoot videos about our experience with Nature Made, the tour, everything we learned and our overall new outlook on vitamins.

I will continue to take my vitamins like I always have; but my new pledge is to think about the reason behind why I’m taking something and to maximize it’s benefits in my body. Instead of mindlessly popping a big multi in the morning, I will carry my VitaMelts with me and take a B-12 before my workouts or middle of the afternoon when my energy sometimes dips. I’ll make sure to take my Vitamin D VitaMelt with my Calcium supplement because the two work together, D helps the bones absorb the calcium better. I’ll be sure to take little doses of vitamin C VitaMelts throughout the day to keep my immune system strong; and I’ll tote the melatonin and zinc with me when I travel and may have trouble sleeping at night or be more apt to catch a cold. I’m in love with the theanine; because even though I get a great dose of relaxation in yoga, it doesn’t hurt to have them near by before a big meeting or an important event.

I’d love for you to take a pledge with me for these next couple of months–tell me what you plan to do to enhance your healthy lifestyle. I’ll share more of my experience with you and also share some Nature Made VitaMelts, I can’t wait for you all to try them for yourselves! Make sure to get your coupon down below as well.

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nature Made via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nature Made.

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