How to Stay Motivated When It’s 0℉

When it’s so cold outside that you can see your breath it can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and get moving. I only exercise in frigid temps when it’s an amazing ski day! Otherwise, there is nothing more tempting than snuggling up with my boys and having an all-day movie marathon. While having a relaxed day once in a while is important, I know that if I get moving I’m likely to feel-good endorphins that last all day long. I’m also so much more focused and productive after I’ve gotten my body moving.

Here are three things that help to get me going when the outside temperature makes me want to lay in bed.

1. Making a to-do list 

Whether I do this on my phone or by pen and paper, I like to mark down everything I have to or would like to get done during the day. Scheduling in a run or yoga class makes it more likely I’ll do it. It’s great when you have a class that others show up for as well to hold you accountable (like live yoga on Peloton) Write down all the little things, like making the bed or making the boys lunch helps too. Making a list helps me to visualize the entire day, making it seem much more manageable.

Crossing items off my list is incredibly satisfying. I like to highlight, rather than erase or delete to show that something has been completed. This allows me to see everything I’ve accomplished that day. Marking items as done on my list motivates me to keep on going.

2. Yoga 

I’m an avid yogi – I use yoga for a variety of reasons – from calming and centering myself to energizing myself for the day ahead. Yoga on a chilly winter day acts as a way to get my blood moving and my body warm. It’s a way to shake off the night before and open myself up to a brand new day. I also love how helpful yoga is for shaking the winter blues. Yoga boosts feel-good endorphins and helps us connect to our breath which regulates the nervous system. I personally love an active vinyasa flow in the mornings during the winter.


3. Nutritious breakfast 

Cooking and eating a nutritious breakfast are great methods for motivating myself for the day ahead. Whether I’m making a pancake breakfast with yummy fruit toppings, or warm oatmeal: cooking is methodic and comforting. If the boys are up for it, having them join me in the kitchen starts the day off with a ton of fun energy.

Knowing that my sons and I get to enjoy a healthy meal together before the day starts puts a lot into perspective for me. It reminds me of how grateful I am – putting me in a great mood before the day even fully begins.



Cozy days snuggled under the blankets are definitely well deserved and needed at times. However, as a working mom, I can’t indulge in those days as much as I’d like to. Instead, I take steps to motivate myself and get moving – and it always works for me.


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