How to Series: Tree Pose

I’ve just spent an amazing week hiking in the Alps with my husband on our annual summer vacation. I’ve always been a mountain girl! One of the things I love most about the mountains, is the magnificent trees. When I am in nature and surrounded by a forest of trees, I find an inner strength that rises up from the earth. I allow myself to feel nourished by the oxygen in the air and spread my branches as I grow in new directions.

Tree pose is one of the most quintessential yoga postures. It is often used to symbolize everything Yoga stands for–being able to root down and rise up at the same time. Yoga means to unite. In tree pose we join our body (trunk) with our branches (brain) and use the air (prana) to nuture that connection. Our hands come together in front of our heart center to deepen that inner peace and sense of union. When we lift our arms up above us and spread them wide we feel our infinite potential rising up and expanding all around us.

It is always important in life to find our grounding and stability; as well as being open to branching out in new directions. We want to feel firm in our stance; but flexible in our hearts, hands and thoughts so if a breeze comes along, we can sway gently without breaking.

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