How to Release Your Psoas

Tight psoas major impacts the way you perform just about any physical activity, from running, jumping, walking, performing gymnastics, and dancing. Yoga is no exception. A tight psoas muscle can result in all sorts of symptoms, including back pain, shortness of breath and even leg length discrepancy.

This can obviously hinder your attempts at improving in a sport or even affect everyday physical movement. The imbalance will eventually manifest itself in other symptoms as well. Knee and shoulder pain can easily originate with tight psoas. So do tension headaches.

However, there is no need to worry – there is some relief available! Below are the seven Yoga poses that can help release your psoas and the accompanying discomfort.

If you take your time and keep practicing, you will almost inevitably experience a significant difference in any pain or tenderness you may currently suffer from. Once you have released your psoas, you will perform better, and recover from injury a lot quicker.

This infographic, created by Melanie from MyErgonomicChair, explains each Yoga pose and how to perform them.
If you are ready to release your psoas, now is the time to dive in!

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